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Automotive industry business

¿We need to think a better way to decrease the traffic and handle the automotive industry business?

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You can see in most of the Avenues in miami, a lot of place of car selling, it´s a business, and a millions of people have a job for that business, an it's okay. But this are the consequences of that business, they have create a lot of new financial systems to put new cars on the streets, (100,000) new cars per year in Miami. How we can decrease the traffic when that amount of new cars are rolling in the streets each year? Plus you change your car an probably you gonna resell it for someone who maybe is buying his first car. We need to search for an efficient use of the cars


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Hey Anabel Muina ! I am Matteo, one of the community Facilitators here.
So you are saying that there is a problem with the amount of newly bought cars on the city per year? and what you say after, we need to find a new way, yes! We have to change from a car-centric view, to a citizen-centric view. For that, give us more about your experience moving around in the city by any form of transportation please!
Thank you for posting!

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