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Automated Vehicle Cooridors

Inspired from advancing from Chinese bus technology,, and Ford's automated vehicle work in Miami.

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Miami-Dade County should provide for automated vehicle lanes along major corridors (Kendall Dr., Bird Rd. , Coral Way, etc.) to allow for automated transit and shared vehicles, like Ford's automated cars and Ubers, to zip along in dedicated lanes. In Downtown, Brickell, and Winwood, side streets should also be dedicated to automated vehicles to pull mass transit off of the central arteries without reducing service or accessibility. Using street side sensors and GPS, the vehicles' speeds can be controlled relative to the number vehicles sharing a particular lane from a central location. Additionally, bicycle sensors could be sold to retrofit existing bikes to appear as a data point or vehicle on the road to reduce the chances of collision. Although automated vehicles are in their infancy, this is the direction the world is heading in. And, Miami, together with Ford, is the perfect incubator to develop this technology for both private and public use.

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Hey Alejandro Gonzalez !
Great contribution, you can add the video to your post so it is more attractve to other users to see. I really like the idea, let's explore it a little deeper, how do you think people will feel here when implemented? and what do you think will be the biggest barrier for the implementation?
Really great example!!Thanks for sharing!