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Auto train

Auto train

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Auto train, A train that is designed to carry your car that you can move without any problem on the most important highways of Miami with wagons that you can enter your car and take it with you to your next stop with several terminals. The trains have 2 floors one for cars and the 2nd floor for people who do not want to take their car just leave it in the terminal that the trains pass every 10 minutes and they are quick to reach their destination as they will have their own way and without any delay with easy payment with cards I hope you like it my idea Written by Jineth Munoz

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Hi Jineth Munoz 

I’m Wilda, one of the community facilitators. I think is a grande idea and would be perfect for when we get to that stage. Right now we’re in EXPLORE phase.

What roads do do you travel and what’s the traffic like? What do you notice about the traffic in your area?