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We all know South Florida is one of the most prime destinations in the world. Or else Will Smith or Pittbull and anyone else for that matter wouldn't have made a song about it. It's a premiere destination to spend time in the sun, countless beach walks, A+ nightlife, 24 hour Cuban coffee shops etc. We all love it and we all enjoy it as much as anyone visiting to living here. Coming to this country was hard enough, let alone being able to navigate through the airport. So thats first...the airport. Bc most of the time driving all the way down south for a cheap flight ticket IS a thing and people do it. But because there are only 2 main highways leading to it, most of the time, that hwy traffic is all ending to the airport exit. Having MORE roadways in, would help reduce some early morning and mid afternoon headaches for the locals. Which leads to my second note, the people. We can never do anything about being overly populated bc that's why they keep building and building BUT it will be helpful to provide the residents and locals with exclusive transportation during festivals and exhibits that sometimes last up to a week. Money needs to come in but by having more population in certain weeks of the year, it creates more jam, so having exclusive transportation that can lead to major neighborhoods or something like that is helpful than more rentals on the street. Lastly, changing the flow of traffic. Businesses can start employees a little earlier or later depending on commute...

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Hi Erika, welcome and thanks for your post! Can you tell us more about what it's like for you to travel during festivals and events on your daily commute? Temporary transportation during those events is an interesting idea. Any thoughts for what sort of transportation may be feasible and useful in these cases? If you have any pictures, please add them to your post to help us visualize!
-Aly, community facilitator