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A lot of streets in Miami, particularly in neighborhoods are way streets. It's good because, not a lot of unnecessary traffic BUT what about the parking? In the city more often than not, theres rarely any parking indication. Therefore you have to drive slow to find a semi good spot where you won't get your car broken into but also, not towed either because it's a residential area. By creating more parking lots up, you would reduce some of that traffic of the "bad drivers" that are probably just driving slow because you're looking for parking. With the airport suggestion, is making more mini exits before and after that surrounds the airport just specifically for the airport, therefore dividing the commuting to work and school people with the I'm leaving to the airport and the I'm dropping off my friend at the airport people that can help loosen congestion at those peak times. Lastly, help employers by having scheduled days where it can create a pattern for people who work down south but live a little north or vice versa in miami-dade commute less cringy. It can help the flow and lower congestion by some days having employees stay later or work earlier to leave earlier but as a community to help have a consistent flow and not what it is which is from 630am-830 am just bumper to bumper and the same with 330pm-7pm bumper to bumper mess.

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Hi Erika, interesting thoughts. Do you think increasing signage for parking lots is a priority, or is it more that there's a need for more parking? Can you tell us more about which roads or parts of Miami you're witnessing slow drivers looking for parking, or you are having trouble finding parking yourself?
-Aly, community facilitator