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A trip to work, a trip to the Dr. and a trip to visit one friend

Showing how any trip could be the same nighmare

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Any trip will be the same in Miami, a lot of vehicular congestion and a long time spending in crowded roads . I usually take the bus from my health provider to go to the Dr. A lot of these kind of buses augment the traffic problems and I have been seeing how a great numbers of those buses travel with plenty of unused sits so may be those health providers who use those buses should adjust their circulation to a less rush traffic hours by adjusting their service hors or days of the week. recently I went to visit a friend to Marco Island. I understand that there is a special condition with the environment through Tamiami Trail, but I think that a road is already built and see how they are widen it . I wonder if a train service could be provided thru the same road with Bike stations or those electric little cars environmental friendly who allow the visitors to get to their final destination or to the beaches. If we work on saving space for cars in our roads then a trip to work daily would be more enjoyable. That way we will also contribute to our tourist industry.

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Hey Pedro Castellano ! Thanks for contributing with your experience! This is Matteo, one of the facilitators here.
Please tell us a bit more about the bus you take to see your Dr. , is this a service from the insurance provider?
Great observation, there are indeed a lot of unused spots inside of buses that use the same routes. Also great observation about the time schedule of these services.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
If you may, add a picture to add a higher impact to your post!
Thanks again, great contribution!