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a transportation solution for connecting miami and surrounding close cities.

I have this idea of inter connecting Miami and surrounding cities through a metro that goes in the middle of I95 and other highways.

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This system uses the infrastructure that is already there. It would require to insert a Metro system in the middle of the highways described on the attachment. It has multiple stations that are located on strategic points that include: connecting the two main airports of the area, and the surrounding cities of the west like Doral, Hialeah, Pembroke pines and the beach strip cities. including Key Biscayne which is probably one of the worst affected with the traffic. It will include a connection with I 75 that would require a big parking lot for people that comes from the west coast and wants to join the system at the Pembroke pines station and go anywhere from here without further congesting the city. it takes in to consideration the Florida's and Ronald Reagan turnpikes with a big station that would have a big parking lot for cars coming from this system and desire join the greater miami metro system. A articulated bus system could be established from areas that would gather a lot of people, like shopping malls ( dolphin mall, dadeland, bayside, stadiums, pembroke mall, downtowns, etc) in order to feed the stations with people and not with cars. I could draw more detailed ideas upon request. thank you. juan zapata

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Hi Juan - yes I Can see the attachment - thanks. I have to alert you though that this project - helpful though it may be, is not in scope for this challenge - none of the capital projects suggested are I'm afraid - you need something that fits the prize budget and can be piloted by November this year - see the how it works page linked above . What would be really helpful right now is if you'd share your everyday travel issues with us - what are the problems and hold ups, where and what time of day - that kind of thing. Thanks for re-posting.