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A Vehicular Thought by Sandria Marshall Stay tuned. Possible part two.

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People's minds are just as congested as the streets Thoughts ranging from A-Z Problems stacked higher than an overpath Their eyes are mapped with red from the tired Perhaps from doing a double shift Gears can change within the speed of a shooting star Road rage, emotions are triggered One may carry a glock or carry bat Converting anger into the wrong field Could have converted the anger into a contribution to the City of Tomorrow Challenge At least a phone married to the ear of the driver is better A simple button or touch causes the annulment, resulting in refocusing Paying attention as you enter the intersection as it has become the new four way stop For your daily red light runner In a hurry to get to the other side Yet, you both meet up at the same light up ahead Driver to your left waters her shoulders undeniably with bad news Toddlers in the back seat to your right are hopping around as if the seats are their lily pads Tailgator from a couple blocks back plays his horn You wait a couple of seconds before you dance across You know the slow dancing saved you from an accident before Sometimes it could be worse on the highway Watch as some believe its a personal runway Switching lanes like switching hips Some may drive fast, and they are furious Like they are auditioning for  Nascarland but this is reality It shouldn't have to smack you like flying debris What if our minds were congested with love, care, courtesy, and common sense?


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Sandra - I'm Katie, one of the community facilitators, thanks so much - excellently done! Brilliantly expressed. You've said so much about feelings here. Between now and the 'propose' phase of this project maybe you could maybe work an idea up to get a project of some sort going to soften the feelings of the travelling Miami person? It's a whole new take on the transportation issue - but an important one. Thanks again.

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