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A little driver courtesy would go a long way.

I spend 10 hours a week just driving to and from my job. I see a lot of things my fellow drivers are doing that make driving worse.

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Driving would be more enjoyable and less dangerous if Miami drivers followed rules that drivers in other cities follow: Use turn indicators; don't cut drivers off at the last second; look ahead and plan turns accordingly -- don't get in the left lane then try to make a right turn; yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk; stop at red lights and stop signs; slow down and yield at roundabouts; don't speed in residential neighborhoods; don't tailgate; don't double-park on busy city streets because you can't find parking; don't text and drive; don't blast your horn the second the light turns green; and finally, don't give other drivers the "finger" or gesticulate angrily at them. It's tough enough already out there on the road. Try to be a considerate driver and make things less stressful for your fellow drivers!


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I completely agree on this.

Is there a way, we can think of, to reward / celebrate courteous driving behaviour?

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The best reward would be if all drivers understood that courteous driving is actually in their best interest. Courteous drivers don't have as many car accidents, which means fewer deaths, fewer injuries, fewer totaled cars, and lower car insurance premiums! It's a win for everyone!

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I was nearly rear-ended at a stoplight this morning by a driver who was obviously not paying attention. I saw her getting closer and closer in my rear view mirror, and I thought when is she going to stop? Then I heard the screeching brakes. It's a miracle I wasn't hit. Why can't Miami drivers actually pay attention when they drive? This is why I like mass transit -- it's a lot safer.

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Hello, Matteo and Wilda: Thank you for your comments on my post. Matteo: I don't think driver education would work. These drivers aren't interested in courtesy - they're only thinking of themselves. No amount of education would help because these drivers don't understand that they are the problem. Wilda: I see discourteous drivers everywhere -- Kendall, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, freeways, residential areas... there's no escaping it. I read a horrible article today about a crash in Broward County involving a Toyota Tundra, 2 horses, a 9-year old girl and her riding instructor. The driver of the truck had bent down to the floor of his vehicle to grab his fallen cellphone, and drove right into the horses and people. The horses were killed, and the little girl and woman seriously injured. Why was it so important for the driver to take his eyes off the road while driving? Was it really that important to pick up the cell phone? This accident was totally avoidable -- this kind of stupidity makes me sick.

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Hey Michelle Sebree ! Matteo here, one of the facilitaros as well.
I follow what Wilda Previl  says.
Do you agree this could also be a driver's education piece is missing?
Thanks for posting!

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Hi Michelle Sebree 

As a Miami resident and native I cannot tell you enough how much your post on traffic hits the nail on the head for me. I find our drivers so incredibly rude, impatient. Driver education is a big theme here on the platform. Thank you for stating how we all feel!

Where do you notice these kinds of activities? Is it mostly in your neighborhood, on the highways or in general?