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A day to day drive in Miami Dade county

Miami Dade needs to spread out more in there area of the metro rail.

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We all who live in the city of Dade know i95 south bound in the AM is a no go. And north bound on the palmetto at 4 o’clock in the afternoon means pick up some pollo tropical before getting home. And if you try to get smart and cut threw traffic in Hialeah you get the oh my god the FEC train. There’s always the metro rail to get to downtown. But it’s only avalibe to those who live close to one of the terminals. I beleave with an expansion of the metro rail going a bit more west bound and a bit more south traffic would ease up a bit more. With all of the doral area growing and becoming more populated and all the new construction going on west bound of Nw 87 ave. The traffic is bound to get worse. We need something. To run along turnpike from okeechobee Rd down till Kendall drive. We expanded the i75 from Nw 138th st north bound and south. But there’s never traffic there up until you get to the palmetto exit. We have the dolphin expressway which at any given time is always bumper to bumper. Why not try to expand the 112 same way we did to Nw 25 st for cargo trucks delivery to MIA airport. Our tri rail runs from east hialeah north bound. Yet nothing runs south bound. Miami Dade needs some type of fast moderate type of south bound transportation. The rails are already there let’s put them to use south bound wise. We made a bus terminal on Nw 12 st right off the turnpike. Let’s make it a tri rail one as well. Take it from a guy who spends his time on these Miami streets.Thanks

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Hi Erick, welcome and thanks for your post! Glad to have folks like you who know the city well, posting here. It seems that a huge expansion of the metro rail may be a bit outside of the scope of this project. Are there any opportunities for starting with smaller scale improvements? VALERIA DEL RIO seemed to have some similar feelings about expanding the metro...maybe you can have some interesting discussion about the rails and your travel experiences.
-Aly, community facilitator