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VoicePark®, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the mission of delivering both parking management tools and auto driver tools to solve parking challenges and problems. VoicePark began by developing the world's first mobile app that guides drivers by voice to the closest available parking spot on-street or of-street in real-time (<1 second latency). We use a combination of sensor data and a database of 3 million parking spots in garages / lots in over 40 major US cites. VoicePark is a safe, hands-free, turn-by-turn, real-time, voice-guided system that complies with recent US and European legislation regarding the use of mobile devices in moving vehicles.In the San Francisco pilot project, the first large scale project of its type, VoicePark partnered with SFMTA and our technology reduced the average time it took drivers to find an available parking space from 12.5 minutes to 45 seconds.

VoicePark's integrated parking solution provides municipalities with real-time parking occupancy and enforcement data, as well as historical data analysis capabilities, through a customized back-end database and reporting system. Municipality revenues have increased by up to 400% by improving enforcement efficiencies. The SF pilot project increased business tax revenue by 20% in areas with a smart parking system. VoicePark can also be implemented and increase efficiency in hourly, non-metered parking zones.

The VoicePark backend and mobile app will soon be integrated with our own proprietary BLE equipped sensor systems or any existing connected meter / sensor system, existing sensor arrays, predictive analytics, providing both a physical and a cloud-based information platform. 

We are well-positioned and have participated in multiple smart city IoT Initiatives including: San Francisco, Washington DC, San Diego, the EU, and soon several new cities in partnership with Conduent and the Xerox Corporation.

Describe quienes utilizarían tu propuesta (1,000 caracteres) // Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Parking in small, medium and large metropolitan areas is a global problem, plagued by an inefficient use of resources. A UCLA study showed that globally, one-third of all downtown metropolitan traffic is composed of vehicles seeking parking. This contributes to traffic congestion, lost business, consumer losses of productivity and time, insurance losses, and toxic emissions. In San Francisco alone, roughly 800 million miles per year are driven circling for a place to park. The VoicePark system eliminates the pain point of drivers circling looking for a place to park, as they are simply guided to the nearest available parking spot to their destination in real-time. 1) A driver enters their destination. 2) VoicePark guides them to their destination 3) Six blocks before their destination, VoicePark then guides them to the closest available parking spot in real-time. 4) The municipality has a record of all of the parking data to analyze (see backend data slides in attached pdf).

Describe la etapa de desarrollo de tu propuesta // Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Piloto: has implementado la solución en una situación real. // Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario
  • Lista para implementar: Has completado y ampliado tu piloto y estás viendo que se utilice tu solución por parte del usuario previsto // Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user
  • Implementada: ya ha implementado su solución y está explorando nuevos casos de uso. // Fully Scaled - you have already scaled your solution and are exploring new use cases

Platícanos acerca de tu equipo o compañía (500 caracteres) // Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

VoicePark Team We are a committed team of visionaries, technology engineers and senior executives with hands on experience and deep industry intel and relationships. We are positioned to become a significant and profitable provider in the IoT and parking sectors. David LaBua, VoicePark, CEO - As the creator of VoicePark, bestselling author, and serial inventor with patents and patents pending, David is a nationally recognized leader in the field of emerging and sustainable urban mobility.

Tamaño de tu equipo o compañía // Size of your team or organization

  • 11-50

Fondos // Funding Request

  • $100,000

Presupuesto aproximado (500 caracteres) // Rough Budget (500 Characters)

$100,000 will be used toward compensation for employees for the building of an integrated software and hardware system.

Describe cómo usaras los fondos para tu proyecto piloto (1000 caracteres) // Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

The system is valuable to municipalities and to drivers alike. We would implement a subscription based model using our software as a service.

Describe cómo medirías el éxito de tu piloto (1000 caracteres) // Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Accuracy and ease of use for drivers and the municipality officials.

Plan de sostenibilidad (500 caracteres) // Sustainability Plan (500 Characters)

Once deployed, the idea can easily and straightforwardly continue.

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