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Electric Hybridization of Internal Combustion Vehicles & New Urban Car-Sharing Concept

A project of electric hybridization of vehicles with traditional explosion engine based on a KIT that includes "flat" type electric motors

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Motordisc is a twofold Project:

1.A project of electric hybridization of vehicles with traditional explosion engine based on a KIT that includes "flat" type electric motors placed on the brake calipers that allows (i) the electric traction of the vehicle and (ii) the use of braking for the generation of electricity (due to the utilization of inverter type electric motors).

2.A new urban car-sharing concept with vehicles of small size and weight, as an alternative to current car sharing and moto sharing companies.

The electric traction/regenerative braking system provides a clearly innovative component that consists of placing said electric motors in the brake calipers of each wheel. Thanks to this innovation, this system is much less complex from the technical and installation point of view, than other similar projects that are being carried out.

The system is called Motordisc Electric Transmission and has been granted the Spanish patent ES2597203; it is also in an advanced phase of approval for the Europe, United States and China patents (reference international patent WO 2017/009512 A1).


It is a fact that large cities have a major pollution problem that, among other causes, is being produced by the circulation of cars. Large cities are improving and expanding the alternatives to the use of the car; public transport is a clear example.

Even so, the emission of contaminating particles such as Nitrogen Dioxide is posing a serious problem in these cities, whose solution is not easy in the short term.

Acoustic pollution is also a serious problem that would be solved to a large extent with the use of hybrid and electric cars.

Cities such as London or Paris (and German cities in the future) have already taken structural measures to fight pollution. In Madrid, when permissible levels of polluting particles are exceeded, restrictive measures of access to the city center are imposed. These restrictive measures could be diverse: decrease in speed in the center of the city, prohibition to park in regulated parking areas, access to city center depending  on plate number, etc ...

Vehicles classified as “0” type (electric and plug-in hybrids with electric autonomy greater than 40 km) avoid all types of traffic restrictions and benefit from other advantages such as access to BUS-VAO and free parking in regulated parking areas. Vehicles classified as type “0”

Therefore, internal combustion vehicles, which are the vast majority, are penalized with respect to hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

In conclusion, Motordisc will allow the RECYCLING of millions of vehicles with traditional explosion engines, avoiding an enormous waste management and offering a new life cycle to these vehicles. In this way, an overproduction of new cars is avoided, with the impact in environmental sustainability parameters such as the emission of CO2.

Additionally, this generates a social issue since only a very small percentage of the population (the highest income level) is able to acquire an electric or hybrid vehicle due to the high current prices.

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-Sales of hybridization Kit -Performance of the new carsharing concept

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It might be implemented in any large city in the world with pollution problems

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