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bamboocommunity : empower urban communities by launching local workshops of bamboo vehicles building.

Promoting an accessible, safe and inclusive alternative to impulse active mobility in the neighborhood.

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The idea is to launch local and pedagogical community workshops of bamboo vehicles building that would provide access to active mobility for the community members at the level of the neighborhoods.

The positive impacts of this idea are multiple:

Accessible: Building with bamboo and natural fibers is economical and does not require heavy equipment nor material.

Legitimate: Bamboo is a lightweight material that has exceptional mechanical properties and is particularly suited to the mobility applications. It could even be used in the future years in highly demanding industries.

Empowering: Learning to build with bamboo is fast and accessible, the local communities could then be the actors of their mobility. At the level of the neighbourhood, it creates opportunities for business originated from the skills and knowledge learnt to build with bamboo.

Inclusive: The building process with bamboo is tailor-made and highly customizable, it could adapt to the most specific requirements of usage and be made to exact measure. It is specific and personalized in opposition to standardized products. It is then applicable to all the population of the neighbourhood, in particular to the vulnerable and handicapped people for which standardized vehicles are not adapted. Note: the bamboo vehicles could include bikes for kids and adults, wheelchairs, walking frames...

Upgradeable: It could make good use of 3D printing technologies to prototyping phase of the vehicles and/or construction phase as those technologies are improving fast and could provide options for light vehicles. 

Safe solutions: Bamboo is a resistent and solid material that provides the same levels of mobility safety than other more common materials. Furthermore, the vehicles built such as walking frames could provide enhanced safety in the neighbourhood mobility.

Sustainable: Promote eco-construction based on bamboo and natural materials reduce the carbon footprint of the vehicles. Furthermore, those materials can be sourced locally which enables a short circuit strategy for sourcing them which has a virtuous impact on logistics and transport pollution.

Scalable: Intrinsically, after the pilot project, the idea could settle in another neighbourhood and so on... thus creating a larger bamboocommunity!

In a nutshell, this idea would provide an inclusive and accessible alternative to a sustainable active mobility for the community of the neighbourhood, regardless of age and condition criteria. The vehicles constructed will facilitate, improve and secure the mobility in the neighbourhood (and possibly further) and provide autonomy and empowerment to the community members. 

Describe quienes utilizarían tu propuesta (1,000 caracteres) // Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

The strength of the idea is that it is not directed to anyone in particular, the applications of bamboo building are multiple and it would adapt to the necessities of the communities in the neighbourhoods. We could for instance build bikes and tricycles in the community workshops that would give access to this efficient transportation mode for workers, delivery men, parents taking kids to school... We could build wheelchairs for the the persons with motor disability of the lower limb. We could build walking frames or enhanced walking sticks for the persons with balance problems or motor difficulties. And every further ideas of the community would be welcomed!

Describe la etapa de desarrollo de tu propuesta // Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Implementada: ya ha implementado su solución y está explorando nuevos casos de uso. // Fully Scaled - you have already scaled your solution and are exploring new use cases

Platícanos acerca de tu equipo o compañía (500 caracteres) // Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

BambooMotion materialized in Mexico in 2015 to promote a sustainable alternative for active mobility in Mexico City, using locally sourced bamboo and natural fibers to build high-quality bike frames. We have a collaborative vision that we have promoted through the organization of DIY workshops, where participants learn how to build a bamboo frame. The initiative was founded by Thomas and Jesus and counts now four team members. website:

Tamaño de tu equipo o compañía // Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Fondos // Funding Request

  • $50,000

Presupuesto aproximado (500 caracteres) // Rough Budget (500 Characters)

The rough budget allocation of the requested funding amount for the pilot: - Team: 50% - New Material and Machines: 20% - R&D: 15% - Vehicle parts and components: 15% / Note: We consider at this stage that, provided the social role of community empowerment of the idea, the space required for the workshops organization will be facilitated by the corresponding colonia/delegacion of Mexico City.

Describe cómo usaras los fondos para tu proyecto piloto (1000 caracteres) // Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

The plan for the pilot project is to: 1 - Create a space in the neighbourhood open to everyone where the workshops will take place / 2 - Define the needs of the community in terms of local mobility and derive the necessary vehicles (bikes, walking frames,...) / 3 - Design vehicles involving R&D activities / 4 - Start the construction within the community workshops of a relevant number of vehicles, involving the community members in order to train them to bamboo construction. Idea is that the people build the vehicles they need. / 5 - Testing and tuning phase: use of the vehicles by the community in real life. Regarding the use of budget components: "Team": all steps 1-5 / "New Material & Machines": steps 1 and 4 / "R&D": step 3 / "Vehicle parts": steps 4&5. It is considered that bamboomotion will provide its current assets in the project (machines, tools, parts,...) and finance an extra 15% from its profits. Sustainability would rely on workshops (priced) and vehicles sales.

Describe cómo medirías el éxito de tu piloto (1000 caracteres) // Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

The pilot project success will be evaluated through the following criteria: - Empowerment: lead community members to be actors of their mobility by mastering the concepts of building vehicles with bamboo. / - Social impact: Improve quality and efficiency of the transportation in the neighbourhood and create a community that will be able to bring steps further the pilot project. / - Environmental impact: bring sustainable mobility to the neighbourhood using eco-constructed vehicles. / - Business impact: Opportunities to bring early ideas and prototypes to market, considering fair trade scheme with the communities. / - Technological impact: Emergence of new technological synergies to build faster, better and greener. / Quantitative objectives: - 20 community members active in the pilot - 5 to 10 vehicles built in at least three different categories (bike, tricycle, wheelchair,...) - 1 with market potential

Plan de sostenibilidad (500 caracteres) // Sustainability Plan (500 Characters)

Bamboomotion in its current business model proved that sustainability can be found in a bamboo vehicles building activity, through priced workshops and bike sales. The market and demand for active mobility is booming all around the world and especially in the megacities. This provides new opportunities to the sector. Morevover, the social and environmental positive externalities of this project are to be considered in the sustainability plan of the project.

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