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"Paces to Pennies" - The App

Let's create a new app where people can get paid for walking in and around the public.

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This is more of an elaborative post someone else posted, but I am expanded on it through my perspective on seeing the app. But, this would encourage more people who are not active to be active and people who ride buses can get some assistance (financially) to even barefooters, runners, and joggers to get paid for doing something they are common and fine with doing .


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Hi @Lew Sterling thanks for your post ! I’m Lorena Online facilitator, I find interesting about what you say and how you are recommending an app implementation, I would like to know if you could share with me how did you end up with this idea/ solution ? Is there any specific experience maybe I lived that made you think about this ?

thanks ! Looking forward hearing back from you soon

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How are you doing? Sorry for the delay of this message. Thanks and nice that you like my proposal. For now, I thought about finding a way on how to create apps when it comes to earning some income just for things people do everyday. We go to places almost everyday so why not earn something from doing so, right?