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Accesible transportation for people with visual difficulties

People with visual defficiencies or problems to read often have difficulties navigating public transportation by bus

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My mom does her daily commute to work by bus, every morning and early in the evening. She has a vision defficiency that causes her that even with contact lenses and glasses she has trouble clearly distinguishing objects from a distance or moving fast. Usually buses have signs that identify the route they are following by naming streets or landmarks, since my mom cannot see well she has often missed her bus because she has to wait until it comes close and slow enough to read the signs on it; alternatively if she is in a hurry, she resorts to stopping every bus that passes and ask the driver where he is going, which understandably sometimes annoys the driver and the passengers.

I believe that many people has similar trouble, for example elderly people whose sight is not so good anymore, people that cannot read properly or even for example a tourist that is not familiar with the language. So I think an easier way of identifying routes, maybe a bus color code or and audible announcement at the bus stop would make commutes more accesible and efficient for everyone.

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Hi Ana Carolina Sanchez Ponce , thanks for sharing your mom's story with us, I'm Itzel part of the team of Online Facilitators of the Challenge, I believe the trouble your mom has to face in order to use a Bus might also be similar when using other transportation options.
Does your mom use any other type of Public Transportation, like Metro or Metrobus? Does she faces the same or other difficulties?