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"A miracle in the midst of chaos"

Witnessing the inevitable birth of a child amid the terrible traffic of Mexico City, due to the impossibility of arriving at the hospital.

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It has always struck me to imagine all the situations that can be developed in the middle of a traffic jam. But nothing had prepared me to be a close witness to a distressing miracle. A political demonstration caused a big traffic problem at a particularly busy time. People began to show a lot of anxiety, and many horns began to sound. Amid the prevailing tension, shouting from a blue car standing next to the bus where I was caught the attention of all the nearby people. A desperate man shouted for him to break through, because his wife was about to give birth, and the situation was pressing.  Motorists tried to move to break through, but the congestion was so closed, that only by raising some of them to the sidewalks would have been possible, but still, there was no way forward. The screams increased, both from the wife and the husband, and he began to ask for a doctor to approach. Fortunately, there was one on the bus, who came down quickly to try to help.

A great commotion arose around the blue car. Some people approached with alcohol, wet wipes or anything else that could serve. The husband seemed about to pass out.
Finally, after a few minutes, the crying of a baby caused all other sounds to be silenced, and after a few seconds, people burst into applause. A wonderful miracle had occurred in the midst of chaos.

This made me think a lot that, in the middle of traffic jams, motorcycle traffic is always possible. Therefore, it is necessary to create "MOTORCYCLE AMBULANCES": two-wheeled vehicles that have a special ergonomic stretcher to take an injured person or in an emergency situation through paralyzed traffic. These Moto-Ambulances should be able to be called through an APP specially designed to send a distress signal along with the exact location of the person or people who need it, as well as the signage of the Hospital closest to the emergency area. These wonderful motorcycle-angels can provide a service not only very necessary in big cities, but could be the difference between someone's life or death.

It would be necessary for the person to be well secured and covered with the weather and the sun with a polarized cover, and that the motorcycle has the most basic medical implements, such as an oxygen mask. 

I think that if this mother in my story had had the help of a Motoambulance, her baby could have been born in much safer circumstances inside a hospital ... although maybe not in the middle of moved applause!  :)



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