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Veemo: New mobility for last mile transportation in urban areas

Veemo provides car-like personal mobility without being a car. As an enclosed e-cycle it offers safe, cost effective travel to everyone.

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Created by VeloMetro Mobility Inc., Veemo® is a one-way, free floating sharing service that offers on-demand travel to urban users.  Classified as a Class I electric bicycle it doesn't require a drivers license to ride it.  

As an enclosed, electric assist three-wheeled cycle it provides many car-like benefits such as protection from weather, inherent stability, security, cargo space, and vehicle presence on busy roads - it has full automotive lighting.  With a strong, lightweight composite shell it provides a level of protection not available to 2-wheeled vehicles. 

Cabin features include seat belt, courtesy lighting, power windows, instrumentation and navigation touch screen, key-less access and of course - a cup holder. 

Electric assist gives you the power equivalent of three Olympic athletes, to get you up hills and go the distance.

Fitting in-between bikes and cars, Veemo is unique in that it was designed with sharing in mind.  Veemo vehicles are integrated with a back-end system that provides full support for customer service, fleet operations, and a simple quick interface for users. 

At 1/10th the weight of an automobile it has obvious advantages for carbon footprint, unit cost and operating costs.  Home zone operating areas are governed by geo-fencing and pre-programmed speed limits where required - completely flexible to any City's requirements - with real time feedback to users.

Here's how Veemo addresses Challenge Opportunity Area (1)  Increased Reliable Access

  • Veemo fills a large gap that can't be met by two-wheeled solutions (bikes, scooters) for the reasons of inclement weather, cargo, and for concerns around security and safety.  
  • As a car-alternative Veemo offers affordable last-mile personal transportation that can't be matched by car-based mobility.
  • Veemo is monitored in real time to ensure all riders are safe, and that all vehicles are accounted for and put back in service quickly when they need service.
  • Veemo runs 24/7 extending transit coverage right to your destination and filling gaps outside transit operating times.  Trips are one-way or return depending on the rider's need as long as the final destination is a legal parking spot within the home zone in which the fleet operates.
  • Veemo does not require new infrastructure.  No charging stations, no space allocation on sidewalks.  Veemos park like cars and generally two (2) can fit into a standard parking space.  Veemo vehicles can also park like bikes on open spaces off-sidewalk with the agreement of property owners. 
  • Veemo vehicles are re-charged via battery swap performed by field technicians who are automatically queued when required by the system.  Downtime due to re-charging is minimized, and of no concern to our riders.  A central charging and repair facility looks after all battery charging and care, and repairs and maintenance.

Here's how Veemo addresses Challenge Opportunity Area (2) Expand Affordable Transportation Choices

  • Veemo is priced below car-based services such as carsharing, ridesharing, taxi.
  • No drivers license is required so a broader base of users can access this personal transportation.
  • Registration, reservation, and vehicle access is easily accessible through a downloadable app.
  • Payment for by-the-minute use + unlock fee is enabled through popular credit cards.
  • Veemo’s supporting backend system was designed to integrate leading city-wide transit payment systems and could also support pre-payment plans.
  • Veemo can also provide dynamic pricing, should this be desirable.
  • Training to use Veemo for the first time is mandatory - and provided in a short video on the in-cabin screen prior to first ride.

Here's how Veemo addresses Challenge Opportunity Area (3) Create Comfortable Journeys for Families

  • Veemo is a single passenger vehicle.  However we have enough cargo space behind the rider to accommodate a small child under 60 pounds (actual weight limit to be determined  as well as an approved, compatible child seat).


Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Matthew is returning from the airport late night after a business trip. Transit is shutting down, and the next bus to his residence from his transit hub has finished for the night. He reserves a Veemo® 30 minutes in advance and assures a quick connection home. Emma needs to run errands and pickup groceries around her neighborhood. Veemo is the perfect, cost-effective solution for a round trip. Chelsea is going to a job interview and doesn't want helmet hair per her normal mobility preference, and, it's pouring rain. She takes Veemo. Without the requirement of a driver's license, Veemo has the broadest ridership for car-like options. As a competitively priced option, Veemo is more attractive than conventional carsharing, ridesharing or taxi. Veemo was designed to attract the 60% of the population that would like to ride, but have concerns over safety, security, cargo, hills, and exertion. It is neighborhood friendly, zero emission active transportation.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

We tested our 'Gen3' prototypes over 12 months at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. The last 3 months were open to the public testing all aspects of our vehicle technology and back end systems. Collecting information from our fleet operations management, fleet monitoring and rider feedback gave us important insights for improvement. With that feedback, we've now completed our Gen4 vehicle design and it's ready for manufacturing and first fleet commercial launch.

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Founded in 2013, VeloMetro was formed to make a difference in electric vehicle adoption. Not by building another electric car, but by bringing new vehicle technology and affordable service that would be attractive to people everywhere. Our professional team of engineers have developed rigorous leading technology in ultra-light electric vehicles and integrated systems. They are supported by seasoned corporate, finance, and business development executives.

Size of your team or organization

  • 11-50

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Rough Budget (500 characters)

CityOne funding covers many of the costs for advance staff work and civic consultation required in advance of a commercial launch. VeloMetro is currently meeting with investors - VC's, strategics and angels to close a late seed round of capital for launch of commercial operations. Proceeds of this next round will fund initial fleet production of Gen4 vehicles and provide working capital for operations launch. Success here creates third party validation of our new segment mobility.

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

Selecting the right operating area is key. The ideal home zone is characterized by urban density: Multi-Unit Residential Buildings, combined with commercial and/or institutional activities and the presence of transit hubs. It would be no more than 2-3 miles in diameter and would contain a sufficient number of fleet vehicles to ensure visibility and take up of the "network effect". A central battery charging/repair/maintenance facility would support fleet vehicles and serve as a base for Indianapolis fleet operations staff and customer service. User apps, fleet management, training and technical support provided by VeloMetro. For initial launch we would work with local civic, Indygo and other transit stakeholders as much as possible. From our experience is the simple presence of Veemos on the street are their own marketing machine. Since Veemo is monitored we use collected data to assess our target objectives, and adjust aspects of operations for maximum efficiency.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

As we found in our 2018 Pilot many of our users became 'champions' of Veemo: frequent repeat users and vocal on social media when given the chance. Now that we have made further improvements with Gen4 we feel this will be the main measure of success - both in healthy ridership numbers but also the support and blessing of other transportation stakeholders. Aside from standard metrics of success for carshare - utilization rates and profitability - we will feel successful with the establishment of Veemo® as a recognized brand within Indianapolis, to the extent that it would be used as a verb: "I just Veemo'd over" or "I'm going to Veemo home." An important measure of success is the ability to launch within expected time frames: about 6-8 months from closing financing. Our plans for Veemo, in brief, are to take it to cities and communities across North America as a new mobility brand, and later use our city fleet beachheads as sales and distribution for individual vehicle sales.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

One of our key strategies selected early in our development was that the sharing business model was the most likely scenario to generate sustaining cash flow even while first vehicle production costs would be high. We feel Veemo®, priced competitively to car-based services, should be profitable based on existing competitor on-demand mobility pricing, and the fast growing demand for mobility services. Our business modelling supports this conclusion.


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