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Using the power of lean supply strategies to save for your next car

LeanFinancials free online budgeting tool, uses revolutionary lean supply concepts to help consumers save for their transportation needs.

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              LeanFinancials is a free online budgeting tool.  Designed the way the father of Lean concepts would have suggested, to showing if your ahead of, or behind, your purchasing plan at a glance. 

               Our budgeting  interface makes it easy to plan and save for the things you want to buy in the future.  Users stay on pace with their needs with consistent, consolidated, monthly payments, that reducing financial anxiety.  Consumers receive just enough access, to just enough funds, just in time to buy.  Needed funds are unavailable to be squandered and can generating interest as long as possible. Simply input what you want, price, and when to buy, for the equal monthly installments needed to purchase.    Currently, there are two guaranteed payment options. LeanCash, which does not generate interest, but can be removed at any time and LeanCD, that is locked away generating interest until the purchase. With the CD option, users deposit just enough cash, for its interest, to complete the installment, over the savings period. 

            LeanFinancials budgeting tool would be extremely helpful in saving for an annual bus pass, the purchase, or down payment on a car, or car lease.  Instantly placing consumers who face these transportation expenses, but struggle to save for them, on a meticulous budget, with a track to success. Consumers who may otherwise not have any investments, can utilize the power of time value of money to save for their transportation needs.  This process decreases the investment barrier to the liquidity on consumer’s future purchases. 

              LeanFinancial places consumers on a “Lean Money Supply”. Now, available funds represent exactly what you can spend while still buying what you have planned in the future.  A clear picture of financial position.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Meet Mr. Ohno, his current car lease is up in a year. After seeing an advertisement, he decides to lease the new 2020 Mustang Ecoboost Fastback. He goes onto and adds the car to his budget. Inputs the car, and $3,118 due at lease signing, and the date his lease is up. Getting the 13 installments of $239.85 needed to keep him on pace with the new lease. Deciding to go with the “LeanCD” and autopay options. For the next 13 months, he automatically invests the exact amount of cash need for its interest to complete the installment over the savings period. After making all the payments, and just in time for his new lease, he receives, just enough cash, to start the new 36-month lease. But what he really wants is to own a car, this time he is going to save $10,000 for the down payment on a new car, once this lease is up. Now, after 36-months of investing slightly less than $277.78, he will be on his was to car ownership.

Describe your solution's stage of development

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Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

Lean concepts have already revolutionized supply concepts, LeanFinancial is simply taking it into money. The tool is currently available at its minimal viable product. The consumers I can get to use it, love it, who often feel anxiety regarding their ability to buy what they need in the future. Our budgeting tool provides a roadmap to success and clear picture of available income. Not only does it result in less wasteful spending, it helps users avoid credit cards.

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Brendan Lewis has the perfect background to bring lean concepts into money. His education in Business Administration provided knowledge of lean concepts. Demonstrating how just in time concepts reduce waste and improve efficacy. His instruction in Finance provided an understand of time value of money and the need for a budgeting tool that addresses money supply. His training in Accounting provided the framework and design to bring the tool together.

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Rough Budget (500 characters)

LeanFinancial is a living, breathing, working, asset, and is currently at its minimum viable product. Funds are going to adding tools and marketing the product.

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

LeanFinancial is a free tool, ready for the people of Indianapolis to use. During the pilot phase we would market to the people of the region. Focusing on helping Indy drivers turn their transportation needs into a current investment. Helping financially illiterate consumers buy what they need. Assisting bus riders to save for the more cost effective year pass. Supporting those with less money, who want to be drives save and enter the car market. Aiding those with more money to save for the car of their dreams. Running a social media campaign focused on brand awareness and credibility. Ads on buses to inform the community about the tool. Working with dealerships to reach out to their current leases to help them save for their next one.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Pilot success is the use of the product. Are consumers adding the purchase of a bus pass or car to their budget and are they saving for it month after month? Do they add their next car or pass after they have saved for the purchase of a new one? Is it helping consumers with less money save for yearly bus passes, or the purchase or lease of a car? Will consumers save long term for the replacement of their transportation needs? Are dealerships receptive to working with LeanFinancial? Will they reach out to their current customers to start saving for their next car? Do their customers want to prepare for their next car purchase at point of sale? Have they noticed an increase in sales, purchase and lease? Both with their less expensive cars and more expensive cars.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

LeanFinancial is extremely cheap to run. The only major expense is the cost of moving funds, which has been made economical by blockchain technology. Car purchases are just one of the many different products that can be purchased with the help of LeanFinancial. Similar projects will be pursued in the mortgage, vacation, and electronic industries. Once consumers fell the reduced financial anxiety lean concepts provide, they will want to expand it into everything they buy.


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