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Sensational Paths in Parks, Pathways, and Science Museums

Let's create a new healthy pathway to creativity.

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I think sensation paths would be a nice addition to parks as a way to make it a little more than just grass, outdoor gym equipment, and concrete pathways. In fact, since the USA does like getting many of our ideas from Europe (most specifically from Great Britain/England), some European countries have parks, called "Barefoot Parks", that allow people and children (of all ages) to publicly explore and innovate to nature. Here is a link if you want to read a little more about some of the popular barefooting parks in European:

For those who love going/being barefoot, there are in fact over 50 different health benefits to going/being barefoot. Some of the floorings (with each space must have a border around it) you can choose for the path, like synthetic grass or wood or even hay, are technically not going to really become hotter (due to its material) when in hot weather unlike cemented concrete (the common pathways) in the summertime and even in sometimes in the Spring or Fall depending on the city. At the same time, creating sensational paths would help you save less money than if you were to create the regular concrete paths.

If someone really likes the idea at the park to make it a little more colorful and innovative (in terms of the sidewalks and walkways), it can even be to the point where some may want to learn how to create one in their backyard or even as the main walkway in front of their house.

Science Museums

When it comes to science museums, they are basically for the teaching people something new based on the science of something or someone. So, in terms of scientifical health, they should have a section in science museums dedicated to the science of barefooting (along with the fact it's legal to be barefoot in public).

One way that it can be implied in science museums is creating a sensational pathway as if it was a human board game like "Chutes and Ladders" or "Candy Land". Letting a sensational path in the style of a big board game would be a nice method for when it comes to getting people more interesting in barefooting while learning something new, along with the truth about barefooting, at the same time. Since it is inside the science museum, each pathway will be in great condition in terms of temperature and the fact that each pathway block will never overheat.

General Info

For those who are blind, you can have rope and/or handrails for them to help them navigate through the pathway. Here is a simple link on how to create a sensation path:

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Who will use my solution? Well, it is technically not only ones who like or prefer being barefoot, but as well as those who are into parks and/or science museums along with those who are interested in learning something new as well. It is important for everyone to have a healthy body and barefooting is one of the interesting ways for people to get healthy.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users
  • Prototype - you have built a prototype and tested it with potential users
  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

I personally had to ask people (both friends and barefooters) to test barefooting on various floorings at various places like carpeting at their church, or tiles at homes, grass at a park, etc. and they shared their thoughts on how it was for them as ways to help them out since I recommended some of them to give it a try to improve posture, help anemics, relieve anxiety, stress, or depression. Some of them still tell me that they still do so once I asked them to test it certain floorings for me.

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

I honestly do not have a team in terms of the thought of this idea since I thought about myself, but I am a member of a group called "Barefoot Is Legal" on Facebook who even have a weekly radio show about the topic and can be contacted here: BlogTalkRadio ("Barefoot Is Legal Radio Show" airs every Saturdays at 1:30pm (ET)):

Size of your team or organization

  • I am submitting as an individual

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Rough Budget (500 characters)

To be honest, I am not fully sure on the budgeting, to be honest, but it is best to have more than enough with regards to creating new and healthier pathways.

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

In terms of piloting my idea, it is always important to make sure people not only know the truth about barefooting and its many health benefits, but as well as explain how it can not onto innovate and improve the body, but as well as detailing how it can be help themselves or even others that they know who have some health issues or problems. When it comes to making the money to support its growth, one common way would be to have either a GoFundMe account as a way to allow people to help for a good cause (since, biblically, we are supposed to help each other out no matter what or who the person is - Hebrews 13:16 if curious on one verse) and have it in a way to show people not only the truth by exposing some myths, but as well as why they should donate to the account to build sensation paths in parks. In terms of the science museums, it may be best to personally inform them about adding one in the museum while explaining the science behind it along with how it can impact the museum.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Well, for the kids and students, I recall having many different field trips to both parks and science museums (along with when we had a "Field Day" at school and it was at a park). So, I know some prefer to make it easier for themselves that way along with some who even felt better or even more relaxed that way. On my Wattpad, @BarefootPoetAdvocate if curious, I am almost done with one book called "Barefooting 101: A Barefooter's Interviews " where I allow people to share their barefooting experiences outside. One of them was from someone I knew named Diamond where she wrote (as her main experience) that she had a Field Day in her school back in the 8th grade and felt much better after what her friends did to her shoes that day. Here is a link to the 2nd half of her chapter in one of my Wattpad books:

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

At the moment, I had thoughts about maybe messaging places with regards to if they were interested in adding to their facility to make it more lively looking, to be honest.


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Hey Lew Sterling , welcome back! Thank you for participating in the challenge! I am a person who loves to be barefoot, and had no idea it had health benefits! I think the idea of a pathway dedicated to this would be interesting. Have you thought of potential partners for this project? Off the top of my head i would recommend reaching out to The Indianapolis Children's Museum, The Cultural Trail, White River State Park, The City Office of Park and Recreations, and possibly even day cares, or schools. How would you unsure the path was safe enough to be barefoot? Like no broken glass, needles, etc? Again, thank you for your continual participation in the challenge!

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Hello MaCie' Moore - That is pretty cool that you are a person that loves to be barefoot. I am currently working on a project (and possibly a book going to further detail) about the health benefits and looking for some who are willing to share their thoughts on it. Would be you be interested in sharing your thoughts on it?

But yeah, there are over 50+ different health benefits to going/being barefoot and even legal to do so in public. Nice that you think a sensational pathway is interesting. I was thinking it can be a nice thing to be placed and created in parks and science museums, but as well as a DIY thing for people to create in their front and/or back yards as a way to make it look more decorative while healthy at the same time.

I have not much time to find any partners for this project, but when I have time, I think it would be nice to mail some science museums and parks with regards to adding that as an attraction. But, since I ave it as an idea as a project and book, I may need to get a new notebook where I just write everything dedicated to it to make it easier for me at the moment. I do thank you for the recommendations on who to reach out to; I will keep them in mind. I never thought about day cares and schools, but I do know some day cares and schools do go to science museums as a field trip, which would make it an interesting field trip to learn about sensation (commonly taught in school) along with the health benefits to barefooting.

When it comes to being sure the path is safe enough to be barefoot, the main thing is to know what materials are worth using and creating on the sensation path along with exposing as many barefooting myths as possible. Here is a link to one website's list of pathways to create that are commonly safe for barefooting with with even a short section dedicated to a sensation pathways for wheelchair users and even the blind:

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MaCie' Moore - When you have the free time, please feel free and ask any questions about sensation paths? I ask since I am creating a document explaining as much with regards to sensation paths as a proposal.