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Rapid Cycle Units (RCU's)

My design would combine the health boosting benefits into a streamlined design. Sidewalk use only.

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By using a comfortable seat(s) and, efficient designs like doors that lift up like wings, a dual chained geared system. Built in rollcage, and custom repel bumpers for citizens of the USA. And atractive bumbers for Law Enforment/Our Troops overseas. We can put a stop to speeding/fatalities of reckless an drunk drivers. No car is allowed to travel legally above the speed limit. Except when escorted by Police or in a Ambulance. So unless we want to endanger others with our blantant disregard for the Law. So since Ford is truly a company for the USA Citizen. And police response, lets make life better for everyone.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Anyone with a valid photo ID can request to test and fill out agreements. ID's are scanned and submited to the Police to verify authority to use the units.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Right now i have no team, i plan to start 3P Designs & Solutions. Where we make tools and vehicles for the immediate helping of men and women around the world. Made in the USA ONLY, with Products from 3P Designs & Solutions.

Size of your team or organization

  • I am submitting as an individual

Funding Request

  • $75,000

Rough Budget (500 characters)

I will use it to make a website, display advertising, and build the many items we will offer. $, $5,000 for parts, $777 for main tools to build the designs. The remaining would be directed towards a brick suite to build and offer the prototypes for testing and feedback.

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

In the pilot stage i would expand to a larger building. And begin road versions, test team in realtime conditions. Across the USA, an then in a colder climate. To be sure they would be safe with their rollcage, and custom bumpers.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

That would be determined by the age groups, skill lvls, and ability for the design to make their life healthier and more enjoyable. That would be collected weekly by a link on our webpage. That I and those helping could use to determine how many more need made daily.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

Yes having the item on a sharing platform allowing the devive to be rented for short /medium/or long term. They could not be started without them being released and unlocked. Rental rates would be 3 hours/$7, 10hours/$9, Long term would be calculated with with those as base rates. Condition cleanliness fees would be used. A respected device after inspection would recieve no fee.

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Hi Robert P Tweed ! It's Jasmine, on of the online facilitators for the challenge this year. This idea sounds amazing! Are you planning to make this available only as a rental option or would they be available for personal ownership? Also with this model being available for sidewalk use only, how will it put a stop to speeding/ reckless driving fatalities?

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I would start it in a rental program, if in 3 months i had say more than 10,000 people renting. I'd include an option to own on the website i will establish. With the designs put into its frame and construction, it will have physical properties of science the will allow it to be operated properly. As it will only go a max of 19mph on motor, cycling it can go faster. Thus encouraging exercise which in my opinion is a better option than always bound to a car. An by doing so decreasing the amount of cars on the road at one time. Instead it could eventually be say 50% of drivers would rather use a RCU unit than be stuck in traffic. Wouldn't you agree that be helpful on both sides? To the peron getting healthier, and the driver not having to be in such a congested situation.

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