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Moving Beyond the Romans: AI and Road Inspection

Use smartphones & our AI platform to locate, identify & most important, assess the condition of roads & a wide variety of roadway assets.

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Visual road inspection is a time-consuming and subjective process. Anyone’s visual inspection process can differ from another’s — making the road condition data inconsistent. In order for governments to improve their roadways, they need accurate and reliable data about the surface condition of their entire network.

RoadBotics, we use artificial intelligence (AI) and smartphones to provide objective and comprehensive road assessments. We work with over 150 governments and engineering firms across the world to drive objective infrastructure decisions.

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I've added a recent case study from one of our customers, Savannah, GA

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  • Fully Scaled - you have already scaled your solution and are exploring new use cases

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We have 150 customers in 21 states and 6 countries. Our customers value the low cost, efficient implementation, precision and, most importantly, objectivity of a machine learning platform.

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  • $100,000

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We would assess the entire road network of the City of Indianapolis for $100,000.

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We will use our own data collection resources to acquire the data.

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Yes, our first paying customer came in late 2017 and since then we've added 149 customers with a near 100% renewal rate.


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Hi Mark DeSantis , Jasmine here! I'm one of the online facilitators for this year's challenge and this idea definitely addresses the concerns of many of the people who have participated thus far, so thanks for sharing. The Indianapolis roads definitely need some work, how many of your currently clients' cities compare in size to Indy? Also does the money just cover the assessment or does it cover the road work as well?

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Thanks Jasmine. About a half dozen of our largest customers, like Detroit, have road networks of 2,500 centerline miles or larger. It looks like Indy has ~ 3,800 centerline miles, so that is well within our capacity. That cost covers assessment only. A typical city will spend about $10,000 per mile annually to maintain their roads. I would estimate Indy's annual road maintenance budget is ~$80M. Indy is facing some real challenges and we would like to help:

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