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Our platform tackles mobility and advocacy issues for seniors, those with disabilities and families with kids.

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When we met Priscilla, she was only making one or two of her dialysis appointments per week. She found going exhausting, because the treatment center was 30 minutes away, and she struggled with the people who were supposed to pick her up.  Either they didn't show up, they were late, or in some cases just sat in the car while she struggled. We got involved because Porter Hills reached out to us and asked us if we could assist. We worked to identify her needs and her strengths, and then we advocated on her behalf to get her treatment closer to her home. Now, Priscilla depends on us to do whatever it takes to make sure she gets where she needs to be. Priscilla is like family; and in the 3 months that she has been our client, our Personal Assistants have made sure she has had the support and resources needed to make it to every lifesaving appointment. 

Introduction: Kboose formed at the end of 2016 and worked to develop and pilot a profitable, and socially responsible business model in the West Michigan area for two years. It was a challenge that tested us to our core; there were many obstacles we had to overcome and changes we had to make. Despite this, we held steadfast to our goal – to develop a way to reduce the stress of your friends, family members, and employees while allowing them to provide greater care to their loved ones without missing a day of work or making unnecessary sacrifices. In 2019, with our new business model we proudly opened our door to the public and began accepting new clients and hiring Personal Assistants.   

Value:  Independence is a struggle for many people. We provide mobility services through Personal Assistants and Advocates for seniors, those with disabilities, and families with kids. We help people get where they need to go,  and remove barriers so they can accomplish independence on their terms, and improve their quality of life.

About Us: Kboose is a for-profit business registered as an L3C which provides Advocacy and Personal Assistants to individuals in the community through the Kboose Assists Platform. Our goal at Kboose is to help our clients overcome mobility restrictions and personal limitations, all while improving the quality of life through a unique business model and platform. Our clients are often the most vulnerable in the communities we serve and include seniors, those with disabilities and families with kids. Our Personal Assistant Service allow us to address the real needs of every one of our clients as opposed to merely providing a service that acts as a band-aid.  

Service Description: Kboose Assists is a service based mobile platform created by the Kboose Team. It provides the technology needed to connect our Personal Assistants with individuals who need mobility assistance. In conjunction with our platform, our Personal Assistants are then able to provide the supportive services needed to assist seniors, veterans, the disabled, and family's with kids, either by on-demand requests or through an appointment scheduled in advance. Currently, appointments are made via text, facebook appointment or by phone. We then use a universal app to schedule and map the Personal Assistants. 

What is unique about Kboose is our business model. We are a Personal Assistant Service, and we bill for the service our Personal Assistants provide. Our Personal Assistants are fully vetted and are empowered to do things for or with our clients. Notably, we are not a transportation company, and we do not charge for transportation; instead, we volunteer our vehicles or drive our client’s vehicles utilizing a carpooling mantra to make the service as affordable as possible for our clients.     

Kboose Assistants also go the extra mile to help our clients get to the vehicles, stow their walker or wheelchair, and also stay with them during appointments. It is also common to find a Personal Assistant shopping with clients, attending court appointments or even taking pets to the vets. At Kboose, we understand there is more to life than just Doctor’s Appointments and we designed our services to help those in our community live their lives to the fullest by individualizing every client’s experience to accommodate their needs. 

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Did you know? In the next 30 years, the population aged 65 & over is projected to double and is one of our targeted client groups. We took the time to not only learn but figure out how to address the Top Mobility & Accessibility Challenges for seniors. • Getting to and from vehicles • Getting into and out of vehicles • Opening doors • Getting on coats, shoes, and boots • Getting in and out of chairs • Carrying packages • Using an assistive device • Finding help at destinations • Using public transit • Fear • No support system • Cost • Long wait times And while Our service was designed for seniors, those with disabilities and families with kids benefit from the same level of service.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

We piloted our idea in West Michigan for about two years to fully understand the needs of the community and what it would take for us to be successful as a business. Notably, this was our biggest insight. Our desire to do good needed the right combination to become a successful business. The demographic we serve is often the most vulnerable and needs to be respected and heard. We listened carefully and built our business around the needs of the community.

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters) Management Team: Annie Young – Founder and CEO (IT background and 3 years of Entrepreneurship) Linda Langs – Partner 10%, Director of Business Development Jason Riley – Partner 2%, Marketing and Design Director Additional Resources: SpringGR, Start Garden & 3RD Party Resources and Businesses Advisory Committee: Craig Klamer, MalcolmFenton, Manuj Sharma, Ariana Waller *Additional positions will be developed and filled as our business expands

Size of your team or organization

  • 11-50

Funding Request

  • $75,000

Rough Budget (500 characters)

Marketing -50K Tech -25K

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

We would work with the city to determine under-served areas or communities. For example, an early participant commented on the difficulty those with Down Syndrome face in the Indianapolis area... Our Pilot would work with those groups much like we did in Michigan to identify actual needs so as to create a beneficial service that meets the needs of that community.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Success can be measured many ways and by many metrics, but ultimately success will be determined by usage and acceptance of the communities we serve. Our goal is to provide a service which meets the needs of the community.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

Our platform is sustainable. Our First week of service in Jan of 2019 began with 20 Clients and 200 minutes of service. By week 20, we have grown to 60 Clients utilizing 2700 minutes of service. We have developed a plan to continue to grow and expand community by community. Our model proved it can generate revenue and support our mission.


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Who's face do i see when i call? Or it that a simple tool you could use by having someone like me interface that into the system for help assisting those with speech or hearing struggles. Be able to use the system easier.

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