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Dangerous Intersections in Indianapolis

Crowdsourcing hazardous intersections for pedestrians, bikes and cars.

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Written by is an crowdsourced map database of intersections that are potentially hazardous and annoying.  Our mission is to identify hazardous intersections for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to raise the level of awareness of problematic intersections to driver and city officials to to improve safety. We seek to use media sources, DOT's, law firms, city, state, country and federal agencies to identify intersections with the following characteristics: high rates of accidents & fatalities (vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, motorcycles, trains) & dangerous railroad crossings.    
We started the to solve the problem of city, state, county & federal agencies lack transparency and consistency with information flow of accidents and fatalities. Since we launched the crowdsourced database in 2015, we have identified over 10,000+ intersections that are potentially hazardous to drivers and pedestrians. We also track what cities, states, counties and federal agencies are doing to improve these dangerous intersections by label these intersections in the database as "improved".  See list of reason why intersections are dangerous by design.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Gaining traction with consumers on mobile web. Need adoption from city staff.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario
  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

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Top Reasons That Cause a Dangerous Intersection

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Founder & CEO of Syndicated Maps a developer of crowdsourced public safety maps to inspire smarter cities, safer drivers and healthier living. Our smart city maps provide a public information platform to aggregate and share geospatial information that help solve complex community problems. Each map allows anonymous users to contribute & search geospatial map data. The business is supported by local geo-targeted advertising and database licensing.

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  • 2-10

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  • No funding is required

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Expand advertising and data sales

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Cities licensing data and/or publishing map historic map data for locals.

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1000s of users per day using mobile web app.

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We are profitable now.


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Hey Jeff Cohn , I'm Jasmine one of this year's online facilitators for the challenge. Thanks so much for sharing your idea! It sounds really beneficial for larger cities like Indianapolis. Does your website offer real time updates or does it only measure an intersection's potential to be hazardous?

Also there's another proposal that this idea would sync really well with. You should check out Smart City Technology for Individuals with Disabilities 

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