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Consolidating the Global Infrastructure of Autonomous Mobility

Premium Domains: for Developing the Global Infrastructure of the of all the autonomous mobility industries. "Land, Sea, Air, and Space".

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Domains for Developing the Global Infrastructure of the Autonomous Transportation, Autonomous Vehicle, and Autonomous Aerospace Industries

  I have the following portfolio of premium autonomous mobility domains up for acquisition; or to enter into a commercial partnership. Domains which are important for developing the global ecosystem within the autonomous transportation, autonomous buses, autonomous vehicle, autonomous shuttle, autonomous taxi services, autonomous grocery store, self flying car, autonomous spacecraft, and hyperloop highway industries. Unlimited potential for commerce, and in creating strategic partnerships with international corporations & government entities.

* Premium, generic, autonomous mobility domains, for developing the global leaders of the "Smart City", as follows; (Domains divided into 3 groups).

* Group #1 - Generic Autonomous Mobility Domains:

* Autonomous Transportation –    (European Union)    (Russia)    (China) (Asia)    (United States)

* Level 4 & Level 5 Driving -

* Autonomous Bus & Autonomous Buses -   (China)

* Self Driving Bus & Self Driving Buses -   (China)  (China)

* Autonomous Taxi Service –

* Autonomous Grocery Store & Self Driving Grocery Store –

* Self Driving Shuttle –

* Flying Auto & Taxis –  (United States)

* Robo Taxi –

* Robo Car –  (United States)

* Autonomous Shipping -

*Autonomous Jet Ski -

* Self Driving Auto & Driverless Auto -

* Self Driving Boats -

* Self Driving Motorhome & Autonomous Motorhome –  (United States)

* Level 5 Racing -

* Self Flying Car -  (China)  (European Union)

* Self Driving Van - Driverless Van - Driverless Mini Van -

* Self Driving Trucks USA -  (United States)

* Autonomous Race Cars & Autonomous Race Car – (Unlimited potential in developing partnerships with auto manufactures & Formula E Racing “RoboRace”). (United States)

* Autonomous SUV -

* Hyperloop Highway -  - Important domain for consolidating the global development of the hyperloop highway. (United States)

* Autonomous Babysitter – (The ultimate goal; unlimited marketing potential)

* Domain Group #2 - Space Force, Space Command, Autonomous Spacecraft, and Autonomous Military Domains:

* Autonomous Weapon Systems –

* Unmanned Helicopter & Self Flying Helicopter -

* Autonomous Plane & Autonomous Aircraft -

* Autonomous Spaceship & Autonomous Spacecraft -

* Autonomous Underwater Vehicles & Autonomous Underwater Vehicle – 

* Autonomous Drones -

* Russian Space Command, Russian Aerospace Forces, China Space Command, USA Space Command Center, Allied Space Force, and United Space Force -

(Important domains for the commerce of space, consolidating the military, and in developing the "Space Force").  (US Space Force Command Center)             (USA Space Command Center)                 (US Space Command Center)                        (Space Command Center)                       (European Union Space Command)                                        (United Space Force)                                      (Allied Space Force)                  (China Space Command)           (Russian Space Command)               (Russia Space Command)         (Russian Aerospace Forces)

* Domain Group #3 - Premium driverless & selfdriving auto domains: Domains for creating strategic partnerships with Nissan, Apple, BMW, Uber, Audi, Volvo, Google, Tesla, Lynk & Co, NIO, and Ford. The major players developing the autonomous vehicle industries.

Tesla –   (China)

Nissan -


Uber –


Google -

Audi –

Ford –


Volvo –

SeaBubbles –

Lynk & Co -

Acquisition Price:  

Group #1 - All generic autonomous mobility domains; $4,500,000 US

Group #2 - All autonomous military domains; $4,750,000 US.            

Group #3 - Contact me directly for details.

* I am willing to meet with any government, or corporate entity; at my place of business in Austin Texas. Not a domain broker, hence; willing to negotiate on acquisition details. The publicity alone of this acquisition would create global interest of governments, and international investors. 

Contact information:

Richard Roberts

Austin Texas USA 78745


Phone: (1) 512-294-6054

Also offering anyone a $700,000 referral/ broker commission

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Consolidating the global ecosystem of the autonomous mobility industries

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Hey Richard Roberts , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here. Thank you for participating in the challenge! Autonomous vehicles/ mobility is the wave of the future! Super smart to jump on those domains! We will share as best as we see fit!