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Carbon Neutral Smart IoT Pole - Omniled

Omniflow developed an smart energy platform powered by wind and solar with integrated energy storage for IoT applications.

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Omniflow developed an smart energy platform powered by wind and solar with integrated energy storage for IoT applications.

The Smart Energy Platform Omniled, aggregates multiple service layers to be used in many applications like Smart Lighting with integration of Mobility, surveillance with smart analytics or Telecom functionalities. There are 500 million outdoor luminaires with more than 20-yearold tech. These are the perfect vehicle for IoT BOOM and 5G/LTE densification. 

With our solution cities can transform a simple street light into a carbon neutral object that can be used for multiple IoT purposes in a single infrastructure without the need of creating new ones.

We provide space and power/UPS for the functionalities of the future, with a business model that can create revenues to the device owner by renting the space inside to final applications.

All Omniflow units have IoT connectivity for managing and control of the applications that are integrated.

The design awarded Omniled offers all functionalities in a fully integrated solution (single component) ready to work out of the box with installation time less than 30min.

It blend in from the most advanced city to the wildest of landscapes.

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Current addressable markets valued in more than 10 billion € by 2020: SMART LIGHTING: with applications in IoT, Smart Cities, Surveillance and smart analytics, Telecom, Commercial, Mobility, Sensors, EV charging. OFF-GRID: with applications in Security, Telecom, IoT, Agribusiness. Omniflow, has already a network of distributors on the global market with active sales on 20 countries worldwide. Omniflow has a good market traction with 1000 units deployed.

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Omniflow IoT system have already made a big impact on the industry. Omniflow's Omniled proved to reduce in more than 94% the energy cost on a plant site that adopte this system; It was the reason of Yonker's city award for implementation of innovative systems. Omniflow's system also proved to be very effective on offering multiple services in one infrastructure; scalable services; and remote smart management.

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