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Award Winning Halo City Presents New Proposition for E-Scooters: Seated, Foldable- and Ownable. Lets Millennials+ live/work/play Downtown

Bring to Downtown Indy World's Best Designed Product '17-Halo City foldable seated e-scooter for Millennials to live/work/play 24/7 downtown

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Only the World's Best Designed Product- Red Dot Luminary- award winning Halo City foldable seated e-scooter solved for many the urban micromobility commute/dwell with a safer, economical, evolved 2-wheeled device that triumphed winning 7 international design awards. Since we premiered Halo City at the NAIAS Indy Auto Show, I have personally driven it over 1,000 safe miles on tough streets of Detroit. Halo City is extraordinarily stable, comfy, gorgeous and always at your side: it is the first and only Iconic 2 Wheeled Micromobility 2.0 Device.

For the Indy Challenge- to attract diverse talent to Indy's downtown innovation hub we need to enable personalized transit independence with an economically fun/functional high style device-- thus allowing Indy Millennials and Boomers to work/play/commute/dwell in downtown Indy.  

The proposed Halo City program for Indy will create a controlled study for 20 selected users with 20 personalized Halo City seated/foldable e-scooters to measure how "owning" your near perfect device enriches their Indy live/work experience in both time and money and "doing more" to have a fun/functional lifestyle (on most but the most in-climate days). Hearing our story, Forbes Magazine "got it" and published the attached article articulating that ownership and ability to elegantly fold like a Swiss Knife, easily allows bringing Halo City inside to avoid vandalism and upsetting sidewalk users with blocking scooter litter a major complaint for rental curb scooters and clunky e-bikes. All told, this luxe ride feels great to men and women and is fun for those aged 16 to 68. Yes 68, or well if in shape, maybe older too. 

No other device does this so well, so green, so personal, so affordably and stylishly safe enabling helmeted use ALWAYS. 24/7/365. At all socioeconomic levels, it adds lifestyle value, so let's measure it and see if we make Indy more vibrant and attractive to new Talent living in and considering moving to Indy. Millennials want to be able to economically and comfortably get around to multiple places each day which is accomplished by the always with you personalized foldable seated Halo City E-scooter.

Posted on our website ( is the independent e-scooter video review from NYC based they rode Halo City around Indy and then anointed it the "Ferrari of E-scooters". Forbes hails Halo City's ownership model benefits and on Instagram are photos from the Auto Show and Indy. To keep Halo's humming, we will partner with a local bike shop in downtown Indy choosing from several possibilities.

Sponsor Advertising Potential: Unique by design, the Halo City front pillar allows for adhering a massive label- 15 inches high and a wrap around on 3 sides with 12 inches at bottom and 9 inches at top, which each side being 4 inches at bottom and 3 at top. Posted below are photos from a Le Mans race team in France which equipped their pit crew with Halo City seated/folding e-scooters to increase their time sensitive efficiency, sporting a striking label that matches the colors and design of the race car personalized with the name of each pit crew member. Such advertising labeling allows for local sponsors or employers to underwrite part of the cost of a Halo City scooters once the Pilot program proves this ownership model- effectively allowing other Indy/Indy residents to "pay less" for the Halo City, generating a faster pay back period over other transportation methods, perhaps in months. It also builds a community vibe of inclusion across a broad socioeconomic spectrum.

Bottom Line: Providing 20 Halo City e-scooters under this Pilot Program can be done very rapidly with easy implementation as our experience at TechTown in Detroit has demonstrated. The "swarm" user affect will also generate favorable publicity to augment the Forbes article showing that Indy is cool by freeing Millennials to get quickly on their own terms to go everywhere in Downtown. Talent recruitment will be enhanced by this novel mode of personalized transportation originating in Indy. Scale can be accelerated by advertising on the device boosting an already fast financial user payback that pays dividends to local businesses as users have more ability to go out, enjoy and spend money with friends. When the weather is inhospitable, then users revert to the other established inefficient methods. It is likely a 10 month a year solution. In other cities it could be 12 months. 10 months is better than zero months.

Transit Independence is critical for new Talent to want to locate in Indy. The Halo City costs less in the USA than Europe at $1500 which our financing partner Klarna offers a legitimate zero interest payment plan of $125 a month for 12 months! Able bodied 18 to 68 year olds, go up to 20 miles on 3 cents electricity per charge and with a total device weight of only 34 pounds, this luxe scooter carries 240 pounds around town. Talk about green. Just 34 pounds of processed material! That is why it swept the international design awards. BMW was runner up for the Red Dot. As Indy harnesses innovation to create the coolest new products, Halo City is a true representation of that goal, but it is here today! Right Now!!

Indy Program Particulars:

1. With community input, consultation with Ford Smart Mobility Analytics, 20 individuals living/working in Indy will receive free Halo City e-scooters and 20 helmets for personal use ("Pilot Testers").

2. A downtown Indy bike shop will provide free maintenance and wear/tear service for one year to keep e-scooters running well for the Pilot Testers. The bike shop will provide training and hands on testing and screening.

3. In exchange, the Pilot Testers will agree to keep a diary and report through email exchange their usage so that data can be collected to gauge impact of personalized Halo City e-scooters. Testimonials will be sought from Users as well as video and other media. Metrics will be established with FSM. Clearly, metrics will endeavor to quantify time and money savings, additional spend in community, quality of life and lessons learned. A case will be sought that this micromobility mode has high value to different demographic groups compared to the alternatives available.

4. An advertiser will be sought as program is underway to fund placement of marquee Front Pillar Labels for a fee and inclusion in any promotional activities. Funds received will be spent to put more Halo City e-scooters on the streets of Indy.

5. Based on Pilot Tester data, identified Local Businesses will be survey about impact of Halo City in terms of 1) additional spend in community 2)comfort with Halo City being brought inside and off the street 3) community vibe e.g. is Indy more of an Innovation Hub having the cool Halo City move its talent around 4) ideas for use/expansion.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Halo City sits lower to the ground than a bicycle creating more stability allowing men and women ages 18-68 to carry a total load of 240 pounds up to 20 miles on a single charge consuming 3 cents of electricity. It is clearly terrific for Millennials and older residents who would do more and go around the area more if it was easy and always available so there is no ride home anxiety. It's low price point and zero interest financing plan also lets it be useful to a full range of socioeconomic users who can save both time and money. From facility workers, nurses, city employees, students, office workers and anyone wanting to own their own ride around town, not rely on a car or transient rental services, or public transit, Halo City delivers that personalized ride each weather permitting days. On in-climate days, then the prior solutions are utilized making each day of Halo City usage exciting and anticipated.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Fully Scaled - you have already scaled your solution and are exploring new use cases

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

Young and old, male and female, in Europe and Asia use it everyday, all day to go to work, play, shop and see much more of their cities and small towns. New to the USA, we have users in Detroit, California and NY/NJ using it everyday. Because you own it, its lifestyle not transient with your helmet attached so every ride is safer 24/7/365.  

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

www. The USA team operates out of TechTown in midtown and works with Beijing One Mile to bring Halo City to the USA. We are lean, sharp and folks like Forbes Magazine see that we have uncovered a "new proposition" for Millenials, Boomers, Xers and others. The Team in China has launched Halo City in 22 countries and swept 7 international design awards. Not bad for a startup to beat BMW, Apple, Nike and others.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $50,000

Rough Budget (500 characters)

$50,000 one year budget (would prefer 75,000) to increase budget by items noted below 1. 20 Halo City Scooters Delivered with Helmets $31,800 ($1500 each plus tax) 2. Local Bike Shop Services: Set up, Training, Free Repairs, Maintenance $4000 3. Contact with Pilot Testers, Analytics, Testimonials, Reporting, Travel, Administration $14,200 4. Added Items not in budget that could be funded from Advertising: video documentary, engagement with Indy Go and local organizations  

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

Reviewing data developed by Ford Smart Mobility, we will work through the local community businesses, transportation stakeholders, local bike shop, key employers, to place the scooters with diverse users who keep a journal of experiences to allow analytics to be calculated to show benefits in quality of time, safety and cash expenditures.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

Honestly, it's all about testimonials. If folks keep using the scooters, recommend the scooters and other's buy the scooters, then that is the true measure of success, or failure. In Indy Program Particulars detailed above, we describe metrics and testimonial data. Each city is different, making this set of data criteria variable based on community inputs too. We will report out the metric results with recommendations to broaden usage.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

Yes, sales generate modest profits to grow market. The 20 users keep their devices for the record keeping and testimonials, so that user base is sustainable. The local repair shop keeps air in the tires and brake pads correct. It's simple. Because Halo City is available online from our website for $1500 or to qualified buyers, interest free for 1 year in $125 monthly payments in a financing program geared to Millenials, it is easy for new users to achieve positive cash flow against prior methods
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Forbes Halo City Dale Buss June 30, 2019.pdf

Forbes Magazine Article entitled : Halo City Presents New Proposition for E-Scooters: Seated, Foldable- and Ownable

Red Dot Luminary Page from Concept Yearbook 2017 2 pages bigger print.pdf

The Red Dot Luminary award- the equivalent of a Platinum Olympic Medal; BMW I Future Car interior was runner up, year before was Google Car. Truly amazing design, engineering and manufacturing. Like the IPOD, a category changer.

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