Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

Support Residents with Disabilities or Other Challenges

Enhance experiences for residents with disabilities or other challenges that inhibit their ability to move around easily

We are looking for innovative solutions that can make moving around the city an easier, more pleasant experience for residents who have disabilities or other challenges to their mobility. These challenges may take the form of physical limitations, visual impairments, or other imperceptible barriers.

As you consider potential solutions, it may help to consider some of the insights and supporting research from the Explore phase:

- In order be a dependable option, ADA paratransit service needs to become more flexible and consistent with on-time arrivals

- Residents with physical limitations, visual impairments, and/or extreme anxiety require additional tools and support

For a detailed walk-through of the application and evaluation process, please watch our Indianapolis Challenge webinar.

For additional helpful information, you can review the Challenge Brief, which includes the Evaluation Criteria and Supplemental Resources.

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