Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

Expand Affordable Transportation Choices

Enable smart ways for residents to choose between mobility modes and expand affordable options for low-income riders

We are looking for innovative solutions that can help residents move easily around the city without breaking the bank.

As you consider potential solutions, it may help to consider some of the insights and supporting research from the Explore phase:

- With the expansion of options available, education is needed about how to re-allocate mobility budgets

- There is interest in using a mobile payment app to compare and pay for mobility options beyond transit

- In lower-income areas of the city, neighborhood mobility models are desired to enable lower-cost trips to key destinations

- New ways to distribute discounts and/or subsidies are desired, even required, to provide affordable options for certain trip types

For a detailed walk-through of the application and evaluation process, please watch our Indianapolis Challenge webinar.

For additional helpful information, you can review the Challenge Brief, which includes the Evaluation Criteria and Supplemental Resources.

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