Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

Create Comfortable Journeys for Families

Expand comfort and ease of travel for families and children during non-car based trips

We are looking for innovative solutions that can help parents, children, and other family members move around Indianapolis without a personal vehicle.

As you consider potential solutions, it may help to consider some of the insights and supporting research from the Explore phase:

- Getting children to and from school or child care is a challenge for parents who use public transit to commute to work, and there is a need for better options and more flexibility in making those trips

- State and Federal benefit programs may not cover the transportation costs for family members, spouses, and caregivers, which may result in missed appointments 

- Space and service design innovations are desired to make existing mobility options more fun and available to families traveling with children

For a detailed walk-through of the application and evaluation process, please watch our Indianapolis Challenge webinar.

For additional helpful information, you can review the Challenge Brief, which includes the Evaluation Criteria and Supplemental Resources.

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