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App based personal network for commuters looking for carpool as shared mobility solution in Indianapolis

Helping commuters with visibility to the interested neighbors driving to schools / workplace & track rides for safety

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App based Personal mobility network for commuters-parents looking for carpool as shared mobility or public bus solution in Indianapolis

Families  are constantly juggling between  their work schedule and children's schedule. There are 33 million parents in the US who face this problem  every day - managing time, cost and work schedules. Ride-hailing and micro-mobility options are seen as too expensive for regular use for low-income neighborhoods . Many families prefer carpooling or bus pooling with their personal network of friends to balance their work and family routines. 

Karpool club will be helping families and adults with visibility to the interested commuters in their neighborhood driving to schools or to common business destinations by creating a personal mobility network among themselves. With the mission to provide more affordable commuting solutions for city residents irrespective of their travel for family need or business, Karpool club in partnership with city can 

●Create awareness within the common destination groups to share the travel

●Help carpoolers manage their schedule safely with clear accountability

●Ease of managing carpool for any destination

 ○Carpool for parents or common work groups

 ○ Create payment options to share the cost of their rides

●Save transportation budget by enabling the use of technology for carpooling

●Reduce the number of cars in the school neighborhoods or business districts

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Karpoolclub brings a carpool solution for Indianapolis residents for families, schools and low economic groups to help to improve transportation options, reduce traffic and congestion. Karpoolclub will be a solution for city to promote school carpool for families and reduce school bus transportation costs using parent supervised public transits ○Organize free carpools for parents who want to save everyday ride for their children ○Parents who have no time at all can pay the area families with similar destinations to pick up and drop off their children. ○Expanded to helping adults who want to save gas money on the way to work with private pools and offering commute shares for schools and companies ○ City can incentivize the carpool groups with discount coupons or more accessibility to parking spaces

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

Users and local business like the commitment and involvement from cities to promote affordable solutions. Sport clubs, YMCAs or other business in prime traffic areas will promote the carpool options for their customers and parents, if they receive recognition and benefits. Commuters like privacy and managing their personal network of carpool groups and feel safe and accountable when they can be notified and able to securely communicate with those groups. Currently live in 5 states

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

We are team of commuters who are passionate about sharing resources and actively use carpool for every day use and hesitant to use social media to find these network of carpool moms. Our app works successfully in managing the local parent carpool groups. We have extended to Youth clubs and business. We are aiming to make this City based solutions, where invested corporates can partner with City to promote affordable solutions for their business workers.

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Funding Request

  • $50,000

Rough Budget (500 characters)

Karpool will offer the platform whitelabled exclusively for Indianapolis and proactively create the IPS schools and business destinations. Budget includes white label the app, create a payment gateway for commuters who want to share their cost. Create marketing drive to incentivize all the parents to use the feature for any school, extracurricular activities or their office commutes. City will be able to use this information to promote local business discounts to the users.

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

1) customize, 2) rollout 3) incentivize will be our approach to pilot the idea. Within 10 weeks of acceptance we will be able to pilot with parent carpool groups by providing this solution to all Indianapolis public schools for free for the whole year by working with the transportation team to promote carpools or use public transportation in place to school bus in line with IPS and IndyGo partnership in 2019. We will continue to report the audiences, traffic pattern and schools using the alternate transportation solution and reward them. Use City transportation support to recognize and elevate the success and invite local sponsors to support these schools and buisness.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

We are measuring the following 1) registered users 2) communities encouraging like schools / local business 3) cars taken off the road 4) families using alternate commute solutions Create a exclusive portal for Indianapolis city to share the metrics once the pilot is successfully rolled out and had sufficient traction. This will invite local sponsors to incentivize the schools in their community to encouraging solution to reduce congestion.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

We will continue to keep the service active after 1 year using 1) Local business sponsors who would like to support the city wide initiative can adopt-a-school license fee or business license fee 2) City of Indianapolis to establish this as sustainable mobility solution for the entire city, backed by the city / DOT / DOE 3) We will open this for van pools for a fee and promote their visibility to schools or business who want alternate solutions

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