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It means making sure that I can get to a appointment on time and making sure that my trip is safe and sound #IndyChallange Thanks

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Hey Sherry Neblett  , I'm so glad you're so interested in sharing your mobility experiences! How far ahead do you have to plan in order to assure that you arrive to your appointments on time? Has there ever been a time where using public transit made you feel unsafe?

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Hi.... there was never a time that I didn't feel safe and depending on my location I have to plan like 2 hours ahead of time .....but on the other hand I can plan one hour ahead of the time I get my grandkids to school and we travel from East side to the West side and they get to school on time ���� and mostly for the 2 hours ahead planned trips I go far North side of Indy and now I feel more safer now with the transit center

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Sherry Neblett  what creates the difference in how much time you need to plan? Where you're traveling or the frequency of the buses on that route? What makes you feel safe at that transit center?

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Hi... I'm safer at Transit center because of the extra added security the comfort of being indoors instead of outdoors waiting for your next departure bus and most of all there's no loitering of any such kind

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