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Suburbanite turned to Urban Living

Limited transit options to stay connected with family.

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I grew up in Monrovia, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis located 30 minutes southwest of the city center. I've chosen an urban living lifestyle, I do not own a car and get around by foot, bicycle, bus and Lyft. My biggest struggle with this choice is being able to travel to family functions that are still taking place in the burbs. These get togethers typically happen on the weekends when IndyGo's service schedule is limited. Any given 15-30 minute ride by car will take 1 to 2 hours if a route on the bus even exists. Or cost me $50 there and back when choosing to Lyft. My worry is wondering if when transit lines are decided if the people moving into the city, who may not need to travel to the suburbs are getting preferential treatment versus the people that are from here, trying to stay connected to families. I believe this city's biggest opportunity for growth--in social and political viewpoints for example--is connecting the suburban to urban for a better chance of interconnectivity, experience and individual growth. I am aware that IndyGo operates in Marion County and it's about lobbying with our donut counties to get voters on board for expanded transit options. I tell my family all of the time, call your elected officials if you want to see me more often.

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Amy Crook  This is a really interesting point and opportunity. Access beyond the urban community can be valuable, with many activities and families just beyond transit. Maybe there is an opportunity for a city run people mover to suburbs around Indy? What do you think that experience could be like for the city of Indianapolis?