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Smarter Traffic Signalling

Smarter traffic signalling causing less backup on main routes.

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Like others have stated, commuting from the west side is often a shorter distance, in similar overall time, when taking surface streets versus interstates. When on surface streets, I often find myself sitting at red lights that are entirely too long for the amount of traffic coming from the cross street of the intersection. A light will go red for the main route for one car on a side route, but remain red for much longer than necessary (much longer than a pedestrian would need to cross the stopped route).

Would it be possible to define main traffic routes, and have "rush hour" or peak hours where the timing of traffic lights favors the identified main routes? 

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Thanks Robert Steinheiser for pointing this out. Maybe the challenge will be the avenue to connect ideas like these to the city. What kind of repercussions might this have on the communities along those key routes though?