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We help citizens to cooperate in the CNG-Taxi network and lead them to be a small shareholder with even 10 USD or multiple of it.

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This project examines a fully operational project that can be a major development in CNG-related industries. In this project, a joint stock company must first be established. Normally, this corporation gas services is established by gas suppliers. This company can be established by government or gas producers or intermediaries and then it will create SHARED CNG-TAXI NETWORK with selling about $ 2 million stock shares could be a source of banking or underwriting is done.

With this investment, the company can be convert over 1,000 normal Taxi to CNG-Taxi (any converting fee is equal with 1000 USD approximately) and uses it as CNG-Taxi network and Then The Company provides 10 station containing gas station in town. If we assume that each full gas stations (Fixed or Mobile) cost $ 100 thousand increase, the Company can establish (with approximately $ 1 million) of the 10 stations. The details of the methodology and how to sell the stock will be mentioned in the project.

Every citizen can be a stock to buy $ 10 or more from a CNG-Taxi network. The citizen is the only holder of the vehicle and at the end of each month receives part of the revenue (interest on accounts) of the car only and only. Note the price per share is just $ 10 and any person or locals can buy one or more shares for themselves or their families.

After this, the company, based on the number of cars, hires drivers to do the civil service. Drivers work in the city to move passengers and give services to them. They only receive a monthly salary and of course can be held by one or more of the shares of cars separately. Every driver works during a month. And in each car there is a card reader that electronically passengers pay their rent. Any CNG-TAXI has a CARD READER and it links to a virtual account in the company. Money paid by passengers will be deposited into a special account that is defined by the company for each CNG-Taxi. At any time, the company was informed of the status of the driver function in CNG-Taxi Network.

The driver works during the day, according to its function, the service station and gas pumps and the cost of consumed gas will be automatically deducted from CNG-Taxi’s account in the company. Their consumption gas’s fee will deduct from CNG-TAXI’s account automatically in any midnight. A percentage of their incomes spend for life insurance and car repairs and medical care and etc. automatically. Some money will remain always in the CNG-TAXI’s account to spend the days that drivers fail to earn in any reasons. Citizens can get a good discount on the basis of their shares in the CNG-Taxi Network.

As a result, during the day, the driver does not have to worry about the cost of consumed gas. If the CNG-Taxi driver to move passengers less then will consume less gas and thus earning the driver and the company will be proportionally less and if the CNG-Taxi driver to move passengers more then will consume more gas and thus earning the driver and the company will be proportionally more.

The company can create Shared CNG-Taxi Network with less than $ 2 million on the base of target people’s ability. And with regard to gas stations (fixed or mobile) in the city, will be far more affordable that the driver use of clean fuel gas. In this case, the gas can be more than a thousand cars less than $ 500,000 investment.

In this project, we create many continuously work that increase social satisfactions and reduce unemployment in the countries and stable peace in society and a psychological impact on the city. In additional, People buy small stocks of CNG-Taxi Network and earn more discounts on the use of natural gas, so always encourage using of clean fuel.

In fact, all the money is first deposited into the central account of the company and distributed by the software. The software immediately calculates the share of each of which. For example, Taxi driver earn 200 USD daily then it divide by software in any midnight automatically as:

  1. 20 USD to gas station’s account. (for payment  consumption gas fee)
  2. 20 USD to insurance‘s account. (for all insurance’s fees as life insurance and car repairs …)
  3. 20 USD to passengers' account (who have more stocks will get more discount).
  4. 20 USD for company’s costs. (all official costs as place, staffs, current expenses and etc.)
  5. 50 USD for shareholders’ account. (who have stocks will get dividends)
  6. 60 USD for driver’s account (for his / her salary).
  7. 10 USD will remain in CNG-Taxi’s account. (as deposit)

With implementation of this project, governments and corporations will help and lead people to share in the shared CNG-Taxi Network even with a few stocks and long-term contracts will sign between governments and gas suppliers because people are encouraged to convert their surroundings automobiles to CNG-based and cooperate in this project, citizens who have more stocks will get more discount. Also company can get more discounts to citizen’s personal cars when they use of CNG-stations for consumption gas fee if they have stocks in this projects too. Citizens based on the number of shares that they hold will benefit by discounts for price of gas consumption and then their dividends will transfer to their account automatically.

This Project will help citizens to cooperate in the CNG-Taxi network and lead them to be a small shareholder with even 10 USD or multiple of it. Governments can have top supervision on this project. Sociologically, with the implementation of this project in the long term, we can change people’s habits to use clean fuel (especially CNG) indirectly. This plan can help government to grow up CNG Used Network and it will improve long-term CNG-selling contracts and will increase welfare in the communities too.

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Photo of Robert P Tweed

Mr.Oshriyeh in this program will it have any impact on people's needs? Such as those that require exercise e equipment, to be able to get around. Im. Not understanding how buying into a share the a computer software calculates without me knowing what that company is in support of morally. I think very deeply and hope that you can tell us further details.

Photo of Jafar Oshriyeh

Dear Robert,
Thank you for your questions. at first please do consider that this project isn't an idea only and i had an oral paper on it in 2017 in Rio.
but in this project we define people's needs for example we reduce a percentage of daily incoming for health insurance and it can develop for many of people's needs as when they have low incoming daily.
These calculations are evaluated by an impartial team of experts. These stocks are categorized and rated based on agreement algorithm. And earnings per share and discounts are calculated and paid separately by software. Thus citizens will manage their stocks and shares proportionally. They can, depend on the needs and consumption of themselves and their families, purchase the shares of each of the CNG -TAXI in city purposefully and cleverly. Citizens who have more stocks will get more discounts. This Project will help citizens to cooperate in the CNG-TAXI Company and lead them to be a small shareholder with even 10 USD and manage the amount of their consumption too. This project is a triangle between CNG-TAXI Company, banks and governments. People are triangle's background. Thus, governments will try to improve their rules and regulations for encouraging people to buy targeted partnership shares. In this project, many of businesses relate together because people will buy shares based on their requirements and will get more discounts and then we can manage small moneys between ordinary people purposefully and citizens will cooperate in this project based on their incomes, requirements and discounts.
In any way i can send more details after your city decide to implement this project in your city because it is ready to start and it is a comprehensive project and improve life level in your city too and you can develop it not only in CNG-TAXIs but also in all small business in your city.

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