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Ride-sharing 2.0 I have ideas that will take ride-sharing to the next level ensuring safety and security to both the drivers and passengers

A Fleet of various Ford vehicles (passengers choice) with licensed, drivers dressed in uniforms ready to take you to your destinations.

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I drove for Uber before and at times I didn't feel safe with certain passengers. I want to change that and make ride-sharing a safe experience for both the drivers and the passengers. With my idea and your partnership we can make ride-sharing 2.0 a safer transportation option for tomorrow.

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Ride-sharing 2.0 elevating ride sharing to the next level.


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Photo of Elizabeth Durden

Ride-sharing Nightmares

SACRAMENTO -- Three friends are speaking out two months after a 25-minute nightmare Uber ride through Sacramento. On June 15 an Uber trip on Interstate 80 from a book club in Arden to Oak Park traumatized three women. The Uber driver drove erratically and did not follow directions home. "He would swerve in and out and then as he was doing this he would say, 'We're all going to die now,'" they were able to get through to 911 dispatchers. That's when the women say he finally got off Highway 99 at 47th Avenue. They jumped out and ran for their lives. On Aug. 17, sheriff's deputies arrested 36-year-old Mark Filanov, the driver in the incident, on kidnapping charges.
The friends also want this to serve as a lesson. “We really want other people to be aware that this is a risky situation and there may not be any accountability.”

Jennifer Collins holds her baby close, still shaken by their harrowing ordeal. A mother and baby, left out in the rain, on the side of the freeway by a broken-down Lyft and the driver ordered them out of the car right there on the freeway. She describes how she and her son reacted: "He's screaming... and I'm stuck, I'm stuck."
But what was worse she says, was Lyft's response. The ride-share company sent her an email saying only, "You will never be paired with this driver again." Then Lyft denied her a refund saying, "We would never want to monetize your safety." According to ABC7 News.

7 on Your Side found out Uber and Lyft do require car inspections, but only the 19-point minimum required by the state. Inspections cover items like horn and brakes, but not engine parts like belts and hoses. By comparison, San Francisco taxicabs must pass a detailed inspection of nearly 100 points.

“This is more than a nightmare this is the worse ride-sharing experience ever! My heart goes out to all the passengers that have had a bad experience while ride-sharing, but my heart bleeds for this family!”
“Four days after a University of South Carolina student was killed after entering a car she mistakenly thought was her ride-share, lawmakers in the state on Tuesday were introducing a bill to require all ride-share services in the state to have illuminated signs on their vehicles.”

Providing Safer Ride-sharing experiences for the drivers and their passengers is paramount. Having vehicles and drivers that are easily identifiable by using better signage on the inside and outside of the vehicles and requiring the drivers to wear uniforms are key to making a passenger feel less apprehensive about riding with someone they don’t know. Requiring drivers to have well maintained vehicles. Training on safe driving, diversity, and customer service is an intricate part of our customer service. Retrain drivers that make minor mistakes. Release drivers that make major mistakes.
The opportunity to develop the Ride-sharing model of the future for Indy, the Country and the World! This model will encompass the whole community. Ride-share 2.0 for kidz, nonemergency doctor visits, limited grocery store visits for passenger living in food desserts, VIP guest traveling to and from the airport, conferences, meetings, their hotels or to places in close proximity to their hotel, and of course our daily ride-sharing passengers -- for everyone.

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