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Ride share failure.

In 20 1 7 I went to Washington, DC. I tried to rent a bicycle because my disability makes me use 2X the normal energy to get places.

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I paid my money, went to get a handicap compliant ride to cycle around. To find no thought had been put into a properly designed cycling unit. I wish to propose the building of a correct design for men and women all over. The design i have is very simple and would make a huge impact. With 4 wheels, suspension an a swiveling seat it would allow more people with disabilities to get around. And by allowing them to travel to increase their health and allow them more JOY. I have only seen one similar unit, however I would greatly question its ability to be used by very big, mobility impaired, or those that want a more enjoyable way around. That also decreases crashing and allows for greener options to get around.

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Hi Robert P Tweed , It's Jasmine, one of the facilitators for this year's challenge. I'm really sorry that your experience with previous experience did not turn out well, but I am glad to hear that it encouraged you to create a design of your own! Does the unit you saw and the one you designed share similarities? Could they be combined in order to make rides comfortable for all people of different levels of mobility?

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