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Reliable last-mile connectivity

A low-interest rate program for e-bike purchases could provide reliable mobility for people who can't otherwise make such a large investment

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I have lived a very fortunate life to have my basic needs met.  I've never had to spend much time worrying about whether I can make it to school, work, doctor appointment, grocery store, etc.  It's frustrating to see the wasted potential of so many people in our community who spend their lives being distracted by a lack of food, clean water, safe shelter, and reliable mobility.  

There are so many new mobility programs being created right now.  Ride sharing, car sharing, bike sharing, e-scooters, and rapid transit are all helping to meet the demand for better mobility.  However, reliable last-mile connectivity will remain a challenge for people who can't afford to own their means of transportation.  

E-bikes are an exciting new technology for people who either can't afford to live near rapid transit, can't afford a car, or can't afford parking.  Unfortunately, a good e-bike can cost $2,000+, putting it's purchase beyond the reach of many people.  And while many e-bike manufacturers offer 0% financing for 6-12 months, this is still more than many people can budget for.  A nonprofit program that helps people with long-term, low-interest rate financing could enable more people to take advantage of e-bikes as their primary mode for mobility.

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Hey Ben Smith , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here! Thank you for participating in the challenge! Yes there has been a surge in new mobility options around the city! What do you think will separate E-bikes from other mobility options? And do you have any ideas on innovative ways to make this option accessible to Hoosiers? - maybe a E-Bike sharing service, etc.