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Public Transit Connects

Riding the bus teaches me and my family to become connected to the people and places around us.

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Riding the bus on a regular basis allows me to connect and talk to people and learn from diverse perspectives and different experiences. Many people like to think of themselves as those who appreciate diversity, but their transportation choices insulate from people who may not look or talk like they do. Being a regular bus rider connects me to people and places in more meaningful ways, and it helps me learn from others in ways that highlight what it means to be apart of a larger community.  Similarly, my young daughter is a student of the city when she rides the bus. The bus is where she learns the importance of being confident and respectful, assertive and polite. The bus does more than connect people to places, it also connects us to one another and allows us to help create communities through our shared experiences. 

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Hey Mark Latta , this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here! Thank you for participating in the challenge! This picture is too precious! Public transit not only increases connectivity in the city, but the connectivity amongst people within the city! Your perspective on the benefits of public transit are truly ideal!What do you think are some good ways to get other Hoosiers on the bus, and how do you think the perception of the public transit system can be changed to thinking of it as a way to connect people from different walks of life?

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