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Pressing forward even with limitations.

I have been labeled with Cerebral Ataxia, a genetic flaw in a person's DNA. That makes motor skills and balance be affected.

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I want to put together a design that allows those that have disabilities to help increase their health and self-esteem.

It will be multiple devices, depending on the individuals needs. From a brace and mobile transport. To arm attachments to give more smiles in their life.


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Robert P Tweed  Thank you for sharing your experience and speaking to some of the challenges that people with disabilities face. I especially appreciate your emphasis on physical and emotional health with your idea! We hope you will engage with us throughout the Challenge and continue to develop and design your idea with us!

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I most definitely will, as my struggle started around 8-12 years old. So i genuinely understand those that need a 'How can I' perspective, as a fellow person with disabilities reminded me. So as I've seen and know many people can get better. They may need only a group/club that has activities to get together 2-3 times a week. And encourages eachother with programs designed for all kinds of disabilities. From cancer to Cerebral palsy, Cerebral Ataxia, and others. That through the company/organization, I long to start. We can be working, smiling, and a key to making other peoples lives better. And causing the overall health of everyone we can help, to get stronger emotionally. Where others can't see a way, lets make a way and have it start 'Made in USA'.