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Park & Ride Lots?

There's no way to take buses if you live in the suburbs. Park & Ride lots would make this so easy.

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I live near downtown now, but for many years I lived in Brownsburg. There was no way for me to use IndyGo, though I would've liked to. I used to live near Chapel Hill, NC, where they have Park & Ride lots.  You can pay for daily, monthly, or annual passes, & your fee gets you both the parking & the bus rides.  It was so convenient, and I always had an annual pass to the lot on the side of town near me so I never had to actually drive into town.

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I agree. I am from Georgia, in the suburbs outside of Atlanta. Places where residents fought public transportation, but allowed park and rides. They were amazing. Reasonably priced, easy to use, clean and reliable. It would be a great asset to Indy. I live outside of the 465 loop and I would love to not have to always drive into downtown, find somewhere to park. I also like the idea of less pollution in our city.