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One city, one app.

A pass that allows a user to access any mode of transportation available to the public. From IndyGo to Blue to Lime to bike share and more.

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I envision a method of access and payment that unifies all modes of public transportation. A product that alerts a user the fastest and closest location of a bicycle, scooter, Indy Blue or IndyGo coach available.  A single app for all public transportation services. 


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Photo of John August Pribik, Jr.

The kiosks could also be used as know transport points. A common place were the ride share community or anyone transferring to another mode could wait for pick up or drop off and then continue their journey. Scooters, bikes, private vehicle drivers and more might be nearby to provide services.

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Hi guys it's liz, I researched the kiosk and I got a preorder estimate. We are looking at $1,500 / $3,000/ $5,000/ $7,000  per kiosk plus technology and license fees which are between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the features and capabilities of the app. The more access to multiple options the higher the fee. Because the majority of the kiosks will be out doors we'll need and extended maintenance  warranty which cost an additional $2,000-$5,000 per year depending on the level of technology, traffic, and God forbid damage to the kiosk. Having stand alone kiosks will be rather expensive. We need partnerships for this idea to make it more affordable. Maybe we can start with a few at high traffic areas, or areas where people don't have access to purchase options to mode of transportation passes.  We should evaluate the kiosk placement after two months moving them to other locations for the next two months and another location for the last two months determined by use of or demand for a kiosk in any given area. If any kiosk is intentionally damaged or vandalized removing it from that location permanently. After the pilot period choosing the locations with the most and best use to make permanent locations. What do you guys think?

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