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Not just transit, but city planning

Conversations with businesses about how to make themselves transit friendly

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One thing that frustrates me about this city is that so many of us use mass transit not just to get to work, but for things like grocery shopping, laundry, all the basic everyday needs. But our city was built for cars. That means most business have a giant parking lot in front nearest the street, leaving transit riders walking through busy lots, carrying multiple bags, and it's not only unsafe, it's difficult for anyone w/ personal mobility issues.

One thing that we need is conversations with local and new businesses about how we can be a more walkable, transit-friendly city. Just building businesses up to the street with parking in back is a HUGE step in the right direction. I know that's a wider area than just transit planning routes and such, but maybe having those conversations with businesses along routes that are being discussed and changed can give them impetus to move toward more transit-friendly options. 

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Hey DJ Shiva , this MaCie' one of the facilitators here. Thank you for participating in the challenge! Yes you make a very valid point, and a very good suggestion at addressing this problem. Do you have any other ideas on how business can participate in making Indianapolis more transit friendly rather for their customers or employees ?