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Going to work my spouse drives us from German Church on Washington Street to Pennsylvania downtown.  The challenges we face are potholes that do not get repaired, and horrible infrastructure on the near east side.  If it has rained we expect the left lane to be flooded anywhere west of Irvington.  Bad drivers are another challenge with folks weaving in too small lanes especially to avoid potholes.  Add on the poverty in the near east side that has been ignored and we have to watch out for people stumbling into the road from the street.

When we get to the intersection of Penn and Maryland we worry about drivers making a left from the middle lane.  We need to be in the left lane and go straight as we need to turn in at Banker's Life.  But often people turn left from the lane to the right of us so while we sit there I turn in the passenger's seat and stare at the driver on my right, hoping that they see me staring and don't turn left into us.

Coming home I repeat that route but use IndyGo.  The 8 and 10 route bus will get me there eventually.  At lease the transit center and more frequent runs are improvements.  But this city has not (and likely never will) fund, accept or use public transportation as a regular means of commuting.  In my 30 years of using it it often feels like a mobile mental health ward.  I try to grab a seat, open my book and hope that no one causes trouble on the bus as we go back thru the neglected near east side.

More often than not we have cops flashing by on Washington, or having stopped someone, or involved in an investigation as we go by.  A couple of times in the past 30 years the cops have had to visit the bus due to incidents on it.  It is a reminder of how the city has ignored the least of these along with public transportation while funding pro sports.

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Jon Coolidge-Harshbarger Thank you for your contribution. Your experience really provides a broad stroke of the transit experience in Indianapolis. This brings up a number of things to be approached by this challenge. I hope you're able to make it to our community working sessions so we can utilize these points to develop ideas!