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My commute is a dream

I have multiple options to get to work.

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I live about two miles from my office, which is downtown. Two IndyGo bus routes pass within a couple of blocks that stop on the corner where my office is located. I can walk, bike, bus, or drive. I've even tried a scooter. This works for me because I moved to make it work. Everyone in the city should have multiple options like I do without having to move.

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Damon Richards Thanks for contributing. The convenience of transit can be so useful, for sure! How do you believe the current system could be enhanced to support even more people, or even create a better experience in your individual case?

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Alexander HoffmannThe trick to mass transit is frequency. The opening of the BRT lines will make a big difference for a lot of people, if we can get them to try it.

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That's so true, it will be interesting to see how the BRT lines affect the Indianapolis transit users. Hopefully we can see a substantial positive change in its use.