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I think there should be a bus for the Emerson Ave area so families can get to a grocery store in the area like Wal-Mart and other shops

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Hey Sherry Neblett , this is MaCie' again! I actually grew up in that area by school 110. For a lot of people that Walmart, and Kroger off Keystone was the only places available to shop that had fresh produce and range of food options. If the bus is unavailable to take people from Emerson to Walmart, do you believe people would be open to other mobility options like a shuttle?

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Of course! They should be especially the seniors that live in the area and the single moms with no transportation that live in the area shuttle bus is like hey you need to go to the store at this time on this date you know it's a available to take me to the Walmart and the 56 end of keystone and then you got the other end of Emerson that's down by community East hospital and then there's another grocery store in dollar store but there is a bus that you go to the community East hospital it's just more shopping area's and now there's a Meijer in that area also and the bus that does freaking that area it runs by the hour so that's really not a good commute time and it doesn't circular the transit center so maybe a shuttle would be great as well.... thanks

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