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I was born blind.  I came to Indianapolis in 1977, and have been using public transportation here ever since.  I think if we make public transportation more accessible and appealing for everybody to use, those of us who are unable to drive will hugely benefit.  I love Indygo!  My three biggest problems in using the system are (1)  I can't see exactly where the bus stop is, so until I learn, being at the right place can be problematic.  (I know that Perkins Technologies in Massachusetts is piloting an app that would get me three to five feet from a bus stop.)  (2)  I cannot read the number of the stop, which would allow me to send a text to get real time information about when the bus will arrive.  (3)  Most buses don't run often enough, or for enough hours in the day, to get me to my destination, and then home again after I've finished my activities there.

I am really excited about our new fare system, and the rapid bus transit lines that are coming very soon!  

We in Indianapolis want to be a welcoming city for tourists and visitors, as well as for those who live here.  Providing a safe, reliable system of public transportation is part of that welcome.

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Susan Jones Thank you very much for your perspective! Facilitating a more accessible experience is so important, and your insight into those experience can definitely help spark further conversations. I hope you will be able to make it to the community working sessions so these conversations can be extended. Are there other cities or communities you're aware of that have a more accessible system that our communities can learn from?