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Monthly trip to the doctor.

This is a usual trip to my doctor's appts. I board the E 38th St bus #39 to the transit center. Then the #3 Michigan St. to the VA Hospital.

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This is the journey I take on a regular basis and sometimes it's a good journey. Other times it's not so good because of the inconsideration of other passengers for the handicapped. Being fat and lazy is not a disability. There should be some way of enforcing the rules for the handicapped seating.

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Hey Dorothy Smith . this is MaCie' one of the facilitators here. Thank you for participating in the challenge. Indianapolis is full of citizens with a wide array of needs, often times the accessibility needs of other citizens can get lost when people are solely thinking about themselves. What are some of the accessibility challenges you face when taking public transit? What innovative methods do you believe could addresses these challenges. I know you mentioned signage, what other ideas do you have?