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Modern Inconveniences

Public transit, to me, feels as though it should be a convenience. Often times, I feel as though the IndyGo system is anything but.

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I've been wracking my brain for highs when it comes to my daily commute and I genuinely can't come up with any, outside of a couple of very friendly drivers. A majority of the time, even the drivers are rude and sometimes drive incredibly wrecklessly.

That being said, compared to neighboring cities' transit, the IndyGo system is overpriced. People are paying upwards of 3 times the price (in Lafayette it's $1 for a day pass and $20 for a monthly pass as opposed to a $4 day pass and $60 monthly pass for Indianapolis) for a bus system that is far more flawed and doesn't cover nearly as much ground. My job, currently, is not quite even 15 minutes away from me. It takes me two hours and four bus transfers to get there, and that's assuming that one or all of the buses aren't horribly late, as they usually are.

This aside, even without all of these flaws, I think that IndyGo refusing to create routes to neighboring cities is creating difficulty for a lot of people who would have wonderful job opportunities otherwise.

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Abigail White Thanks for writing. Its interesting to look at the fare system in relation to other cities and systems. I wonder how the city could leverage these sort of comparisons to create a better experience in Indianapolis' transit system. What are some ways you see the system growing to ensure better experiences?