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Mobility to me in Indianapolis.

This is how I deal with mobility in city life.

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The most important things to me are family and friends. It is important for me to be able to get around and accomplish what I need to. I use the bus most of the time because it is convenient and comes regularly throughout the day. You can get to most places in the city that way, you just need enough time. If time is an issue, I use Uber or Lyft to get around faster. I also ride my bicycle around the city often too. I would not have any way to get stuff done and see the people that I care about unless I had these mobility options available to me.

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Hey Corey Knauss , this MaCie' one of the facilitators here. Thank you for participating in the challenge! How long does it take you to reach a destination using each of the forms of mobility you mentioned? Within you daily commute which of the mobility options you frequently use do you believe to better suit your lifestyle?