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IoT to address left turn restrictions

Use IoT smart signs to improve traffic flow on streets with restricted left turn.

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Left turn restrictions exist on several north/south routes between downtown and the north side during peak travel. On Meridian this was true prior to Red Line construction. Drivers tend to ignore the restriction and back up traffic, especially those using GPS-based applications for directions. What if there were smart signs for the turn restriction that used IoT to communicate with the GPS device that there was a turn restriction and have the route update to encourage the turning movement where there is a lane/signal or split phase signal rather than where it is restricted? This would allow for the continuous flow of traffic. It wouldn't address the people who choose to make the restricted turn anyway, but would help those who just don't know the area well enough to reroute and are using GPS. It also helps commuters who don't get stuck behind people making the restricted left.

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Thanks Rose Scovel for the idea! This is a really interesting and relevant topic, especially as we try to enhance the walkability of our cities. What might we do to account for those who choose to ignore the new signal you're suggesting? Are there ways to create incentive, or repercussions?